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How I Eliminated My Tooth Nerve Pain With 100% Natural Remedies

Updated on December 27, 2016

How To Kill Tooth Nerve Pain

So around a week ago I started getting head and jaw pain. Actually I could feel it across one complete side of my face. After doing a little research online I came to the conclusion that I had an exposed nerve in a tooth that I had cracked years ago. The tooth has a huge hole in it where a piece of tooth had cracked and fallen out around 7 years ago. I had taken pain killers to try to kill some of the pain and at first it worked great but after a few days it wasn't working so well I guess my body was building a tolerance to the pills. On Christmas eve the pain became insane that I began to do a little research online in order to find some way to relieve the pain. I tried drinking straight brandy swirling it around in my mouth in order to try and touch the tooth that I believed was causing the pain. I then put a small piece of garlic inside the hole of the tooth that was in pain. It definitely didn't do anything at the time however the next morning my tooth did feel a lot better. The next morning I discovered that we had cloves and I had read that night before that cloves and clove oil are a great way to kill tooth nerve pain. So I then place a clove inside the hole of this tooth and the pain has gone completely. It has been 3 days in total since I did this and I have not been in any pain since.


So this is a great way to kill your tooth pain, You can always do this if you don't have money to see the dentist right away or if you are unable to make it to the dentist. We all know that the dentist is not cheap and hopefully this will relieve some of your pain while you save up the money to go and see the dentist. Thanks for stopping by!


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