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How I Gained 30lbs of Muscle in 30 Days!!

Updated on April 12, 2011


It is in fact possible to gain 30lbs of pure, raw muscle in 30 days. Just like with my other hub: The Best Way To Lose Weight Ever!!!, this will work for most people. Arnold Schwarzenegger at his peak could not add 30lbs of muscle, but aside from a few other unusual people, this will work.

Will it be easy?

I love this question :) I will retort; is anything in life easy? We’ve all heard the saying that nothing worth having is easy, to that I say that most things in general aren’t easy! No, this isn’t easy, sitting on the couch watching TV is about the only easy thing there is. For many people we’re talking about a 15%, or more, increase in mass. That’s huge!

Weight lifting in general isn’t easy, but this is one of the simplest/easiest programs I know of. I made the massive gains I claim, while working out only one hour or so per week! Lifting weight isn’t the hardest part of my program, eating is. You have to consume 4,000-6,000 calories per day of decent food. I will define decent later in the post.

Decent food…

The food requirement is the toughest part of this program for me because I am a bit of a foodie. I always try to keep things low carb but the body does need some carbohydrates for fuel when doing this kind of routine. Keep carbs whole wheat, and consume massive amounts of protein. Simple. This hubs’ point isn't to reinvent the wheel here; we all know what protein is: eggs, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, tuna and beans. There’s your diet; I could drag this post out indefinitely explaining dieting, but I like to keep it short. You don’t need or want protein shakes or tons of supplements to gain 30lbs of muscle. Cook and eat natural food, don’t take short cuts on quality food here, and eat constantly. That’s the recipe for success with my program.


I do supplement my diet while bulking. I take a multi-vitamin. I take creatine monohydrate. And I take whey protein. Thats it, the food does the rest.

The Technique...

Recovery and proper form/technique is essential to add this much weight in such a short period of time. I use a 5 rep, 5 second lift and 5 second release cadence. You want to lift as much weight as you possibly can, while counting to 5 up, the 5 back down, do that 5 times. You will be the slowest lifting person in the gym. People around you may look at you strange because they're trying to bang out as many reps their muscles can handle as fast as they can; but this is the right form. People will also look at you strange because of your rest period. This program requires you to take at least three minutes off between sets. You will spend more time resting and walking around the gym than you will lifting...this looks strange to people :) Get used to it, as you will leave the gym before they're done too. Most workouts take 30 minutes or less, including all that extra rest time.

The Workout...

This is the least complicated workout ever. You want to focus on multi-joint lifts which use many muscle groups. Bench press, squat, and deadlift...that's it. If you do these lifts right, all of your other auxiliary muscles will develop as well. In fact, working out biceps or calves separately is counter productive to this program... just do those 3 lifts. I went to the gym 4 days a week, Monday I did bench, Wednesday I did squats, Friday I did deadlift, then Saturday I did 3 sets each of squat and bench at 80% of my earlier max. You can fit this whole workout into 4 hours a month because towards the end of the month you want to taper off the lifts to 4 sets instead of five, to avoid over training the muscles...they can only get so big so fast :)

Why I did this...

In the fall of 2009, I joined a "fat camp" at work to promote healthy employees and weight loss. During the Summer of 2009 I used this approach to get as big as I possibly could. The "biggest loser" would get $250...and I wanted to win! I was not lean at the time, but not obese either, using this program I inflated my weight massively (so I could lose even more), I went from 220 to 253 at weigh in. Then following the techniques in my other post: The Best Way To Lose Weight Ever!!!, I proceeded to lose 60lbs in ~60 days, weighing in at 192...I won the $250 ;) This isn't a one shot deal though, I have gained and lost this much weight repeatedly over the years for various other reasons, most of which were "just to see if I could do it" sort of experiments, but it can and will work for you!

Please feel free to email me for additional information, if something in this post is unclear let me know! Also check out my other exciting hubs ;)

-King Papa


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