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How I Kicked it to Cancer: A How to Alternative

Updated on November 17, 2014

I believe in the power of mind over matter, not only to overcome adversity but as an amazing consciousness that has the very real ability to discover the answers needed to heal from within. - Claudine Fleury

The Most Honest Reason Medical Chemotherapy Fails


Why and How...

I developed a very aggressively growing tumor that began as a lump on the back of my neck beneath the skulI. I began enduring very severe headaches and could feel the blood pulsing to that area of my body.Within two months I observed it grew exponentially into tentacle type growths wrapped under my neck around the outer skull just under the skin. Six tentacles in total wrapped the outside of my skull approximately eight inches in length with a tail tentacle stretching down the back of my neck and upper vertebrae of the same length. It was a 'phenomenon'. I was terrified.

Although my family and friends could feel the protrusions, I shaved my head bald so all could witness the growth.The tentacles appeared bluish in color and were swelling beneath my pale skin. Finally at a maximized size, it appeared like a large blue spider from which other tiny spidery veins sprung. I could feel the pressure, swelling and crawling sensations in my ear drums as it was squeezing the very life out of me. It was horrifying to anyone who witnessed it and I often kept my head covered to spare them the sight of it.

I did attend a physician in Sylvan Lake, Alberta Canada when I could not tolerate the pressure and pain any longer. I was rather afraid and had avoided a doctor's office for sometime as I anticipated the prognosis to be grim... and I was correct. I slept many days away in the beginning but it was this physician that lit a fire under me to take immediate action. Upon arriving in his office, I explained and he listened attentively, however, when I removed my hat and he inspected the tumor site, he jumped back aghast. He made few comments and quickly mentioned this was 'beyond his expertise' and was to rush me to see a specialist at once- an Oncologist. I didn't ask him- I told him- "Yes, I know it is cancer by the rate of its' 'metastisization'.Cancer runs in my families and we have lost many to it in many generations.

I had had cancer once before and beat it with diet and Cryotherapy when I was 18 yrs. I also recall with significant clarity the agonizing passing of loved ones who had succumb to the ravages of what I deem is barbaric chemotherapeutic treatment (poisoning) and radiation therapies (also poisoning) often their lives sadly ending not from cancer itself, but from Sepsis or organ failure. From my experience these treatments for aggressive metastisized cancers that have moved into the blood, also known as Stage 4 cancers,these are the only options. I vowed this would not be my demise and to conquer this monster known as cancer.

Brain Tumor Resemblance


As a relatively educated individual, I immediately put myself forth into extensive research both at the local library and on the internet. I did not believe that the medical realm would be beyond my intellectual reach. It was in fact necessary to re-understand biology, the immune system, nutrition, current treatments, ancient and natural therapies. I stayed up many late nights, sometimes all night long with my face in piles of books or on the computer. I had no other choice given all the available information on brain tumors that I diagnosed my condition as a form of ganglionic brain cancer called Astrocytoma. This cancer was featured in the 1996 film 'Phenomenon'. Albeit, I never saw any lights in the sky, I was struck by lightning prior in 1982 but see little relevance with this connection.

The Side Effects

Some 'strange' side effects of the tumor's growth was indeed that I could easily speed read through books, think faster and understand everything I read. I had never had a penchant for the sciences, however, now I could easily discuss topics ranging from Nanobiotechnology to Quantum Physics and Multiverse theory. It certainly was unusual but welcomed. Out of curiosity, I took a few I.Q tests and discovered my scores to range between 144 and 184.

I also developed extra senses and could now 'sense' the encroachment of especially low pressure weather fronts and still can to this day. I would develop head and neck aches and feel particularly fatigued. My internal clock also 'switched' where I became rather more nocturnal- feeling particularly great a nighttime and sleepy during the day. After, 'the cure', although I could no longer speed read or answer all the questions on Jeopardy- I felt more aware in many ways. My eyes were sensitive to light and became a greener color and I could see and sense electromagnetic fields around electronics and even those surrounding people. Once engrossed in the arts, I became more motivated to learn and grow on many levels.

  • 8.2 Million People died from Cancer in 2012
  • The United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom have the highest cancer rates in the world
  • Central America, Africa and the East Indie countries have the lowest cancer rates in the world

The World Health Organization

World Cancer Rates 2012


Diet in Low Cancer Rate Countries

The commonalities I found in examining the low incidences of cancer rates among the populations of central America, Africa and the Indie countries was bottom line- lifestyle and diet. Fortunately, I had spent a month in central America after university where I communed with remote peoples on the western coast and had learned a great deal about their diet. What the diets had in common among these countries is that they all were "fresh' organic diets high in fresh nutritional foods AND very spicy diets as well often incorporating a mix of some very powerful antioxidants. They also took a daily 'siesta' or nap in the afternoons and it is part of their national culture to do so welcomed at most businesses and work places there.

The daily fresh diet of fruits and vegetables with very little meat, with predominantly chicken (grain/corn non gmo fed), offers people of these countries nutrient rich foods with no pesticides, herbicides or waxes, insecticides or preservatives involved. Frequently eating these foods high in immune fighting vitatmins such as Vitamin B, C, E and Folic Acid are proven to boost immune systems to fend off serious disease naturally. You can't get this sort of nutrition from a simple pill or capsule. Most central America towns do not have or need a town doctor. Curious how in North America, there are large doctors offices in every single community with... 'shortages' yet. So and FRESH!


Prognosis: Diet or Die

What is the secret cure that saved my life? It is simple and I will share it with you. It is indeed partly what I learned from the aboriginals of central America alongside personal intensive dietary research.It comes down to:


Defend the body with preventative measures by removing all artificial and unnatural, processed foods and fatty eating habits. Remove all sugar from diet and restrict carbs to only veggies and whole or ancient grains. Drink more than adequate amounts of water or fresh juices like Acerola Cherry, Cran-Grape and Lemon Juices known for their ability to purge the body of oxidants in the blood and lymph system.

Empower the body with high doses of daily 'fresh and natural' vitamins derived from fresh organic (if possible) foods from farmer's markets, gardens and grocers which means fruit and vegetables washed in vinegar. Fruits very high in Vitamin C like Cranberry, Berries, Acerola Cherries and Pineapple lubricates, boosts antibody production and builds a stronger supportive Immune System. Never overcook or boil veggies but sauté vegetables to retain full nutrient value. Dark greens like seaweed and spinach offer a great defense with folic acid and a multitude of vitamins. Virgin Coconut or Olive oils provide a healthier low fat way to sauté your taco, fajita and pita ingredients. The less meat the better and fish or chicken when you do eat it.

Cleanse the body with what I designed is an intensive 'natural' chemotherapy that can be used in moderation at any other time to treat viral and bacterial afflictions. It is simply put 'the hotter the better' and remember 'spicy is feisty'! I ate the most powerful antioxidants and cleansing foods together 3 x per day in medium portions for six months straight.

WIthiin the six months my tumor shrank daily- I could actually feel it recede, burning with every hot and sweaty meal I ingested. The crawling sensations lessoned and head aches diminished and I felt more clear and rested. Example of a daily meal included a mix of sauted: Jalepeno peppers, Habenero Peppers, Banana Peppers, Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper and Chile Pepper on a pita or in a Taco. I also ate small but regular amounts daily of Apple Cider and regular White Vinegar including drinking the left over juices from pickled peppers, pickles and garlic. I also drank large amounts of fresh made lemon water with every meal to curb the feel of the heat.

The bonuses of this aboriginal Central American Diet dramatically increases metabolism, improves skin and hair health and offers total internal body cleansing of blood, organs and bowels resulting in frequency and higher efficiency. I lost 40 lbs with minimal daily exercise (walking 3x/wk) and I would assume lost about 5 lbs worth of tumor.

Warning: Natural Chemotherapy does cause short term irritation of the stomach and bowels because of the 'purging' of impurities and oxides in the body that are only eliminated through urine and feces. Capcaisin found in spicy food kills mitochondria in cancer cells but it also is very astringent to digest. This subsides with extra water intake and eventual adaptation to the diet.

Bluntly put, I would rather crap fire for six months then waste away to a skeleton and die by doctor prescribed chemotherapy or radiation in Palliative Care- wouldn't you?!

Later upon examination, I was leaner, healthier and cancer free once again. I am not a physician and am glad not to be restrained within limited intellectual constructs that say barbaric conventional treatments are effective- because in my time of witnessing modern cancer treatment, the only thing I have witnessed is suffering and death as many of us unfortunately have. We as citizens have control over the choices we make in treatment, conventional has proven to be substandard and highly ineffective. If that is their best, then their best was not good enough for me. Is it good enough for you?



Claudine Fleury is a graduate of MacEwan University and studied Arts and Cultural Management and Communications. She is a former public servant and is currently a market researcher and lobbyist who resides in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, She is proud to be a cancer survivor.


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    • Claudine Fleury profile imageAUTHOR

      Claudine Fleury 

      4 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Thank-you Ashley, I appreciate your comments. Scientists are now proving ancient and natural therapies to be valid. Yes, it takes courage to choose not to die, to choose also takes courage to live.

    • Ashley Gisell profile image

      Ashley G. Peña 

      4 years ago from New York

      Voted up! Beautiful article. Glad you beat it and are able to tell your story. More people should think like you and try to beat it naturally.


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