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"How I Lowered My Blood Pressure Naturally"

Updated on May 8, 2011

The “Silent Killer”

High Blood Pressure also known as the “Silent Killer” supposedly affects one out of three adults. That’s an awful lot of adults walking around with blood pressure readings over the standard 120/80. Also according to The American Heart Association (Click Here to see their full article), out of all the people that have high blood pressure 30% don’t even know they have it.

It Runs In The Family…Hereditary

My Dad had high blood pressure for a good part of his life, and was on high doses of blood pressure medicine to keep it under control. My Mom and both my brothers also suffer with high blood pressure. Personally, I’ve struggled with high blood pressure myself over the years. In 1983 when I was only 25 years old, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on medication to bring the readings down.

I wasn’t happy with being on blood pressure medication at 25 so I decided to change my diet and I started exercising. Between diet and exercise I was able to normalize my blood pressure in a pretty short period of time. I was able to eliminate the blood pressure meds in less than two months which was a good thing in that the side effects from the meds were something I didn’t want to deal with.

Keeping Tabs On My Blood Pressure throughout The Years

Since I knew that high blood pressure ran in my family, I bought one of those blood pressure cuffs that you can buy so I could keep tabs on my blood pressure at home. For the most part, whenever I checked it at home it was always in the 120/80 range (or even a little lower) which was good. However, when I went into the doctor’s office for my yearly physical it would shoot up to 140/90.

Of course my doctor would tell me that my blood pressure was too high, and it needed to come down. I would tell him that I take it at home and it runs in the 120/80 range which is normal. He then asked me if I knew my blood pressure monitor was calibrated correctly, and that I was getting accurate readings.

Now that made me think a little…Humm…could my blood pressure cuff be not calibrated right, and giving me false reading? Only one way to find out right? I told him the next time I came in, I’d bring my machine and see if I got the same readings with mine as I did with his.

Was My Blood Pressure Monitoring Cuff Misleading?

To be perfectly honest here, I was getting a little nervous thinking that my blood pressure cuff was not working properly. I thought that my blood pressure was probably too high, and I’d end up on blood pressure meds again. When I went in to see my doctor with my blood pressure cuff in tow, I was actually quite relieved when I took my blood pressure with my cuff; my reading was 148/93. Yeah, that’s too high, but I felt that it was probably working correctly because I could never get a reading that high at home.

When he took my blood pressure with the official cuff in his office, my reading was almost exactly the same. He came to the conclusion that I had what he called “White Coat Hypertension.”  Or in other words, when I got around a doctor’s office, my blood pressure spiked. When I got home that day I took my blood pressure and it went back down to the normal readings I had always gotten.

That Was Then, This Is Now…

Every year before my annual physical, I’d start taking my blood pressure about 30 days out before my appointment. I’d make a log of all my readings and I take the print out to my doctors office. Of course my readings were always normal and they would always be much higher in his office. I don’t think he liked the fact that he got much higher readings than me, but I wasn’t going on meds just because of one high reading in his office once a year.

For some reason about a year ago, I stated to take some readings at home. It was several months before I was going in for my physical, but for some reason I curious as to what my blood pressure reading were. The first reading I got was like 128/83 which was about normal for me, but a little on the high side.

The next day I took my blood pressure it was 135/85. For the next several days my blood pressure was raising like the stock market in a bull market. After a two week period my blood pressure at home, with my cuff, was averaging 145/95. I couldn’t believe it because I was in awesome physical shape, and my diet was impeccable.

I starting thinking that heredity and time finally caught up with me. After all, everyone else in my family was on blood pressure meds, I guess I was next. I went into my doctor and of course my pressure was even higher in his office. At 150/100 I was somewhat astonished. 

The Online Blood Pressure Natural Remedies Game

My doctor said that my blood pressure obviously was too high, and that it needed to come down. He wanted to put me on meds right away, but I wanted to find a natural way to bring my blood pressure down. Again, I didn’t want anything to do with the side effects of blood pressure medicine.

The online game is confusing when it comes to natural blood pressure meds. Of course they all claim they work, but when you investigate them a little further, you find out they don’t. I didn’t have time or the money to test out all these different products. After all, my blood pressure was running in the 145/95 range for several weeks which meant it needed to come down quickly.


I ran across a product called Proargi-9. The main ingredient in the product is an amino acid called “L-arginine.”  Apparently there are several benefits of L-arginine with one of the main benefits of lowering blood pressure. L-arginine is best known for its cardiovascular benefits. In the body, l-arginine is altered into nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels. This reduces stress on the heart and improves circulation. L-arginine is the body’s major source for nitric oxide synthesis.  

At the time when I first started taking Proargi-9 my blood pressure maxed out at 155/110. That was by far the highest reading I’d ever seen at home on my machine so I was excited about taking the product and seeing if the product would work. And guess what?

After three weeks on the product my blood pressure readings were back to normal. I went back to my doctor and he verified that my pressure was normal. Of course he said to keep an eye on my blood pressure to make sure it’s normalized. In a way I felt like I won and he lost because I know he wanted to put me on blood pressure meds. I mean, that’s what doctors do right? 

My Last Doctor Visit

I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago for an unrelated problem. I had been on the Proargi-9 product for over a year, but I hadn’t taken any blood pressure readings in several months. I started thinking that while I was in his office, that maybe the product wasn’t working and my pressure would be high. After all, I seemed to always get high readings in his office.

He took my blood pressure and I was actually quite shocked of the reading of 110/70. I thought for sure it was going to be much higher than that. Suffice to say, l-arginine works for lowering blood pressure. If you suffer with it, go online and do your research on l-arginine. 


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    • KT Banks profile image

      KT Banks 5 years ago from Texas

      Halleluiah! I've been trying to fight HBP for years. I'm on a medication for it, but like you, at the doctors office, mine always spikes. It also runs in my family. My Dr. said that while I seem outwardly calm, I'm a high strung person. I've tried so many things, even lemon and baking soda, but nothing seems to work for very long. Now, your hub gives me hope. I look forward to finding L-arginine, and hope and pray it will work for me. I was giving up hope and was about to give in and take even more medication, but at least now I can try this first. I hate being put on more and more medication.

      Thank you, very much for sharing this. I love the way you wrote the whole story.

    • cygnetbrown profile image

      Cygnet Brown 5 years ago from Springfield, Missouri

      I have heard that these tips help, it is good to see the actual proof in someone's actual experience.My husband has high blood pressure. I plan to tell him about your experience using l-arginine.