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How I Quit Smoking Using the Nicoderm CQ Nicotine Patch

Updated on January 26, 2013

So You've Made the Decision to Quit Smoking

Once you have made the decision to stop smoking, you need to decide how you plan to stop.

  • Nicotine Patch
  • Nicotine Gum
  • Cold Turkey
  • Prescription Medication
  • Counseling/Therapy
  • Nicotine Lozenge

When I decided to quit, I tried everything with no success. My last attempt and currently still successful was with the use of Nicoderm CQ nicotine patches. Everyone is different but the patch worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone with the desire to quit smoking.

How do Nicotine Patches Work?

Quitting smoking means battling two different things. You are fighting your body and your habits. The physical aspect is the addiction to nicotine. The habitual aspect is the activities, events and moods you associate with smoking. As a smoker your brain links smoking with everyday activities.

Nicotine patches work by controlling your cravings so that you can completely focus on changing your habits to quit smoking for good.

Nicoderm CQ has Smart Control technology that releases a a steady stream of nicotine through your skin. This way you have a small amount of nicotine in your system at all times. You don't get the ups and downs from cigarettes.

There is a simple step down method with Nicoderm that helps your gradually wean yourself off of the nicotine. You start with the step that matches your smoking level. Basically, heavy smokers start at Step 1 and lighter smoker start at Step 2. Follow the 10 week or 8 week plan below. By the time you are done with Step 3, you have gotten used to such little nicotine in your body that it is much easier to quit.

Quit Smoking Plan


My Personal Experience

I had been smoking for about 6 years and 1/2 to a full pack per day. I have a very addictive personality and had tried to quit many other times with no success. The gum tasted pretty nasty and so did the lozenges. And both of them still left me with no nicotine between use. I attempted to quit with Chantix two different times and almost went out of my mind instead. Cold turkey was a disaster as well. I finally caved and decide to try the nicotine patch. This felt like the only option I had left.

I quickly realized that my biggest addiction to smoking was the habit of smoking during certain activities. I started on step 2 as directed and bought the 2 weeks supply. The first day using Nicoderm CQ, I actually felt amazing. It was so freeing not to be moody and easily agitated. The patch was controlling my cravings amazingly. I didn't crave a cigarette but I wanted to smoke. I missed the activity of it. So, I stopped depriving myself of what I really missed. I would go outside and sit in my lawn chair with a magazine and NOT SMOKE.

It was great. All the things I used to do while smoking, I learned very quickly how to enjoy without smoking. I don't think I would have been able to do it cold turkey because I always blamed it on the nicotine addiction. Since, the nicotine cravings were under control with the patch, I was able to figure out the real reasons I could never quit smoking before. I actually forget to buy more patches and after that first box I bought was gone, I went a day without using them. I didn't even realize i didn't have one on until halfway through the day. That made me decide to not buy more just as an experiment. It worked. I didn't even need them anymore! I was thrilled and haven't smoked since. I've never been happier with my quality of life. Smoking will never control me again.

Nicoderm CQ Patch Pros

  • It was easy to stick on and go about my day.
  • It was barely noticeable.
  • The cost per day for the patches was about the same as what I spent on cigarettes even though I used to buy the cheapest possible.
  • They allow you to focus on every aspect of not being a smoker.

Nicoderm CQ Patch Cons

  • Sometimes the patch would irritate my skin a little. It would itch and cause minor redness. (Fix: use a different spot on your body for each day)
  • You can't really shower with it on or it will lose it's stickiness.
  • I had very vivid dreams during patch use, even if I took it off before bed.
  • You have to find a hairless spot on your body or shave a spot or the patch will not stick as well.
  • It is dangerous to smoke while using Nicoderm CQ with risks of nicotine overdose.
  • It is easy to forget to take one off and put a new one on.

What are Other Customers Saying

"The patch is a great way to quit and I am finding it pretty easy to do so"
"I did try the other cheaper brands, but by night...I was climbing the walls"
" I would never have been able to quit smoking without this patch"
"Still not smoking. No urge to smoke. No relapses since quitting"

If your short on cash or don't want to invest to much money into the patches before you are sure they will work for you, you can try some of the off brands as well. Most of what I have read it that the biggest difference is how the cheaper ones stick.

Whatever you decide. Good Luck and You Can Do It!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is so encouraging! I am using Nicoderm right now. It is helping like crazy


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