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How I lost 20 lbs in 3 months And How You Can Too

Updated on March 4, 2016

Weigh yourself and know where you are at.

It took me quite some time before I realized I need to start keeping track of my body. I was so used to hearing "your weight doesn't define you" or "what's on the scale is just a number". Of course, both of those are true. But while your weight shouldn't be what makes you, you, it is healthy to track your weight and know what the scale reads. It is scary for some. It was for me, at least. When I knew I'd put on some weight I was terrified to know what the scale would tell me. And when I finally did step on that thing, I was mad at the scale and the number. In reality, all that number should be is motivation to make a change. That's what I told myself and that is what you should do too.

Start Slow.

Don't go crazy and starve yourself all of a sudden. I'll admit, I had a time in my life where I wouldn't eat for a day or two (which is completely unhealthy and felt like torcher to my stomach). Take it from me, don't expect to lose it in a week. Take one or two things from your diet that you know shouldn't be having. Like that tub of icecream you grab from the freezer or the little bag of chips you take before you head off to bed (is that just me that does that?). Make little changes. Be more conscious of calories as well. Check on the back of everything and think "is this many calories worth feeling guilty and feeling like I shouldn't eat for the rest of the day?".

Willpower is key! (One won't hurt but you get the picture.)
Willpower is key! (One won't hurt but you get the picture.) | Source


If you wanna cut to the chase and know what I've learned without reading the long boring stuff, here is a few pieces of advice that helped me drop pounds quick.

1. Drink water! You've probably heard this numerous times so I'm sorry. But no lie, always keep a water bottle with you. Sometimes you're really just thirsty instead of hungry.

2. Eat fruits and sugary things in the morning. Try to avoid the sugary stuff, but in fruits today, almost everything has sugar.

3. Have a big breakfast, medium lunch, and small dinner. You burn calories throughout the day so you're calories from breakfast and lunch usually aren't a problem to lose. But if you gorge yourself before bed, how are you going to burn those? Try to have a small, low calorie meal with mainly veggies for dinner.

4. Stop eating after a certain time (6 or 7 is best). Like I said, you have to have time to burn those calories before you sleep or you won't lose weight very easily. If we all could exercise in our sleep, that would be fabulous but sadly, we don't.

5. Set a meal schedule. I usually eat when I wake up at around 8 or 9. Then I space my meals about 4 hours apart. So I'll have lunch at around 12 or 1 and dinner at 4 or 5. I drink water in between meals.

6. Chew gum. If you're like me where you eat when you're bored, chewing gum is a better alternative. It keeps you busy and keeps you from snacking on things you shouldn't.

7. Find your target areas. In my case, I have love handles. I despise them but I go on Pinterest and look up quick exercises to tone that area up. It helps to stick to a part of your body and tell yourself you'll get rid of it. Usually, it will benefit the rest of your body as well.

8. Exercise while you watch TV. Instead of just sitting there, hop on the treadmill for the duration of the show. Or you can do some sit-ups and ab exercises. It makes exercising less boring and you'll be surprised at how much quicker 30 min of working out goes by!

9. Find projects to work on. For those days you just sit at home, do something productive. Recently, I've started a garden and have taken up hiking!

10. Weigh yourself every other day or everyday if you prefer. That way, you'll know that what you ate or did in the past couple days either benefited you or didn't. If you lost weight then you might want to keep doing what you're doing. And if you gained,don't sweat it, but you'll know what to avoid next time.

Let Me Know

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Have Fun With It

Losing weight doesn't have to be a drag. What I do recently, is I look on Pinterest and search for recipes that have lots of vegetables or good foods, and I make a grocery list for the week. I make myself a menu to follow and make a new thing everyday. Sometimes I'll take chicken broth which has basically no calories, and I steam broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, and all my favorite vegetables over it and then add them to the broth to make a stew. It's very low calorie and so good. Another day, I will put kale and spinach in a frying pan and put soy sauce over it after it's cooked. Literally, so delicious. I will make another post tomorrow of healthy meals and recipes to try.

Take It Easy And Don't Rush

I think one of the most important things is not too put too much stress about weight loss on yourself. Lose weight healthily and at a good pace. If you truly stick with it, then you will lose those pounds! Don't doubt yourself and be positive. I think one of my worst mistakes was thinking "there's no point I'll just gain it back". I've kept the weight off so far and haven't gained a pound back. As long as you don't go back to your old ways then you'll most likely not have to worry. You won't have to be dieting as much, but you'll still need to watch it. But remember, you must lose it in a healthy way. Don't ever skip meals or starve yourself on purpose... trust me.

If anybody can motivate you, it's Ryan Gosling.
If anybody can motivate you, it's Ryan Gosling. | Source

I Did It, So Can You!

I weighed 149 pounds at my heaviest 3 months ago. I now weigh 128 pounds and I am so much happier. I feel healthy, I look better, I have more energy, and I have so much more self confidence. Willpower truly is key and all it takes is for you to really want to be a healthier version of you. I know everyone is different, but I honestly believe if you take my advice you can achive your goals.


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