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How I use Meditation and Acupressure

Updated on July 11, 2015
This is a must have for anyone serious about living a centered and healing life!
This is a must have for anyone serious about living a centered and healing life! | Source


I have been meditating and visualizing long before I ever knew what it was called. As a child, I recall how I used visualization to put myself to sleep without sucking my thumb, at a very young age. As I grew, my life unfolded in such a way that at first I practiced meditating on scriptures first. And this did make a difference with me, however it wasn't until 2004, when a friend in my church introduced me to therapeutic grade essential oils, did I discover how to use acupressure and positive thought patterns to address different issues in my life.

My first experience with this book was when I was trying to build my clientele for my cleaning business. I followed the direction on where to apply the oil and what thought pattern to follow. It was no time at all that people started asking me to clean for them. When I first started cleaning homes, I accepted getting paid $12.50 an hour. Then about nine months later, I learned that people were getting paid $20 an hour. Knowing my needs to be home were great because I was a single mother of four, at that time, I decided to not accept the lower pay amount even from people I had worked for on a regular basis. At first, things were slow, however I in a matter of time, less than 15 days, I was given work at my new price. It wasn't until I had to start turning people away, about 2 months, did I stop treating myself with the oil on the acupressure point associated with abundance.


When I first started using the book, I followed the directions to the letter, even if the thought did not totally make sense to me. Doing it this way was, at times, very time involving because I was using words my heart was not relating with.

The way Dr. Mein addresses the different acupressure points is she has different charts that list the points with their names, and then in one part of the book, you can research what emotion you may be struggling with. Then the other side of a negative emotion is listed as 'OTHER SIDE', and the positive thought that you need to meditate on is called ' WAY OUT'. Then she shares what oil holds the same higher vibration of the positive side of that emotion and what charts show the acupressure point.

There are over 300 different emotions and acupressure points that are listed in this book, instructions on how to do body testing to see if you are experiencing an emotion, how to apply the oil, how to clear your energy, how to write in a journal to address parent issues and past emotional bad experiences, as well as how to use on children, and how to help others through their wellness journeys.

For years, I only treated one emotion at a time, but below I will share with you how I now combine different sayings to address several emotions at the same time. Doing it this new way, has really worked for me.


Over the years I came to understand the workings of my own heart since doing the meditations has become a necessity as my life's stresses have increased. What I do now is I make the meditations into expanded positive saying. For instance, I have changed her words from 'Way Out', to My Present State of Being. It helps me so much more to meditate on it this way. And when I apply the oils to my acupressure points, I find it helpful to visualize the oil as a tool given from God to heal my hurt and I sometimes say to it when I apply it, 'I accept your change that you gift to me." Then I focus on the saying I have created by using the root words she has given in her book as the way out.

Here's an example: of how I addressed the negative emotion of scarcity when my right foot became swollen during my 8th month of pregnancy.

The book says the other side is 'abundance' and the way out is I am in alignment with universal flow. It shows the oil to use is actually an oil blend and the acupressure point is the 5th Chakra.

So this is the way I changed it:

"I continually reside and abide in the state of abundance. I am in complete alignment with universal flow so that it permeates and saturates every aspect and corner of my life."

The next night I experienced it again and I felt it was yet another problem. After looking in another of my books for Edema, I found it was connected with my bladder meridian. So I went back to Dr. Mein's book and looked up the bladder acupressure point. It had 3 different emotions that registered there, but the one that really struck home was 'Expectations',

So the book says that the other side is 'appreciation', and the way out is 'I am complete within myself.'

The powerful thing about this book for me is that if I meditate on the sayings while touching the acupressure point, a lot of the time I can get by without applying the oil, which for this emotion, I did not have that particular oil.

So this is how I changed my meditation to reflect both emotions:

"In this blessed state of abundance, that is my residence, here I abide, fully conscious and aware. I release all expectations as I appreciate all the good that surrounds, saturates, and permeates my life, for I know I am complete within myself as it is continually manifested in the perfect alignment I experience with universal flow."

I was able to resolve the issue completely after doing this meditation before I went to sleep that night.

Addressing my emotions in this holistic way has brought me peace of mind.

I welcome new friends who are interested in sharing how meditation has blessed their lives as well. Feel free to contact me in my website of


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