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How It Feels To Be Free Of An Addiction

Updated on August 13, 2013

I would like to try to explain in this hub how it feels to be free of an addiction in my own words and my own experience.

Freedom, being unchained, living the life that should be lived, (sober) and enjoying what life has offer living it clean and sober.

I can't stress enough about how surrendering to my alcohol addiction has changed my life and all those that are in my life for the better. Better than you could even imagine.

Everything has worked out just as I thought it would, meaning I had a vision of what sobriety in my life would be like, but I never pursued sobriety all because I was basically afraid of how it would feel to be clean and sober again. This may sound strange to many people, but yes I was so into my addiction to alcohol I didn't know how I would feel without alcohol in my life. would I be able to function? Would I get sick or have the DT's without alcohol continuously in my blood stream? Would I be made fun of from my alcoholic friends and would I still have them as friends if I were to decide to stop drinking alcohol?

All of these questions to myself will soon be answered be me and me alone.


My Feelings of Being Free of Addiction

Being free from any addiction, and in my case, alcohol addiction is a wonderful feeling that sometimes words can't express the feeling you feel inside of your now clean and sober body.

If I knew what I know now back in the days of drinking alcohol everyday things would certainly be a lot different and my body would have been spared the horrible punishment alcohol put on it.

I have to tell everyone, if you think there is no hope for sobriety in your life, guess again, because believe me it's never too late to change your life around and I am here to tell you it is very possible if you believe in yourself and you truly want to surrender to your addiction on your own, meaning not having anyone force you into quitting drinking alcohol or stop using drugs if that is what you do. If you have it in your heart that this is what you want out of your life, to surrender on you own terms and live life clean and sober then you WILL succeed in your quest to have sobriety back into your life.

Some people of course may need to enter a Rehab. Center with professionals to help you through your detox in a safe and healthy manner, but you must be willing to do this with no regrets in your mind that you are now going to live a life of sobriety. You must not think about your days of being drunk or high and tease yourself with those feelings of the high or being drunk.

As hard as it might seem you must forget about all of that and concentrate getting well and clean and sober and that is all you should be thinking about.(These are only my thoughts and my ideas) Some may not agree with what I say or how I go about expressing my thoughts but it worked for me and just maybe it will work for you as well, if you give sobriety a chance.

How Does It Feel to Be Free of an Addiction

I guess you are wondering when I was going to tell you how it feels to be free of an addiction for me. I like to save the best for last.

For me, sobriety is the most wonderful thing in the world. I awake each morning with a clear head and refreshed for my day ahead, instead of my head bagging from the drinking of alcohol the night before.

My marriage of now 30 years were a little shaky through some of those years, but now it is the best marriage anyone could imagine. My wife stuck by my side through thick and thin with my addiction to alcohol knowing that just maybe one day I would realize I needed to quit drinking alcohol and she was right. It took many years for me to realize I needed to quit drinking, but as she said, the wait was well worth it, because our marriage is stronger than ever.

I can never thank my wife enough for hanging in there and waiting that long wait for me to realize I had to stop the horrible addiction I had.

Happy Together and Forever


© 2011 Mark Bruno


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