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How Jessica Quit Smoking

Updated on August 29, 2014

How I Quit

They say until the results of change are greater than the consequences of staying the same, there will be no change. We all know the grotesque results of smoking. Some of us have not been able to quit yet, though, so this hubby is my job to share with you how I did and what happened!

How I Quit
1.) Prayer. I had tried every drug (which using a drug to cure an addictive behavior makes very little sense if any), pill, promise, hypnosis, etc....God worked,

2.) I got sick. I got sick and lost a job from my inability to train while sick. My sickness I was sure to be due from smoking. My inability to breathe scared me enough to serious contemplate leaving a child on this earth alone if I died. Were cigarettes more important than my child?

3.) I QUIT. I stopped. Just for one minute at a time. I did anything except smoke. I painted my bathroom. I got lots of bubble gum. I drank lots of water. I prayed some more, painted some more and chewed some more. I stayed busy. Because NO MATTER WHAT I was not going to pick up.

4.) I rewarded myself almost immediately. The awesome coral bathroom is always a reminder of that first day and the insanity that coincides with addiction and addictive behaviors. I treated myself with fancy foods, nonalcoholic beverages and PERFUME. I was able to get a new hybrid Toyota Highlander and open my own business with the price I used to pay for cigarettes. Make My Dreams Come True VS. Die Early By Addiction?

What is Addiction?

There are many theories behind addiction. The establishment and maintenance of physical dependence is not entirely understood. Most experts also believe that this is not just a physical disease, but spiritual, mental and even emotional. The equation for addiction is Emotion/Intellect. So the equation for recovery is Intellect/Emotion. The multifaceted etiology of addiction can be resolutely viewed, discussed and understood when taking this strong equation into effect, since most addictive behaviors are based on emotions and feelings. More specifically our Central Nervous System is activated by nicotine and shows actual drastic changes in electroencephalogram (EEG) patterns. These changes are made by the changes in arousal patters of neurotransmitters, norepinephrine, dopamine, acetylcholine, and serotonin. Interesting enough, these are the neurotransmitters that most psychiatric medicines today mimic.

So, the theories of addiction are:

Genetic influence- our specific organic pathways of initiation.

The Bolus theory- one of the oldest and most general theories of addiction, suggesting that the addict perceives the action as pleasurable. This theory has divided smokers into two types: peak smokers and trough maintenance smokers. Peak smokers become dependent on the arousal of pleasure centers, as we just examined. The tough maintenance smokers smoke to avoid the negative consequences of withdrawal.

The Self Medication Theory- Perceiving nicotine as a mood enhancing drug, this theory maintains that the smoker is treating their tiredness, lack of motivation, or even depression. Because this drug is readily available, and is a bit more socially acceptable that other drugs like cocaine.


Our brains are mystifying and wonderful objects and they do heal. Do you think your brain will heal naturally and begin to produce those neurotransmitters on it's own again if a drug is doing it for you? Does your body know the difference between one drug and the other?

A Word From Our Experts!

How Many Times and How Successful Have You Quit?

See results

Have You Tried To Quit?

The only way that we and our children will know how to quit (God forbid they are ever introduced to addiction) is to share our own experience, strength and hope. This is something you can't get from a Doctors office. This is the Truth.

How The Brain Is Effected

Instead of ....

Cigarettes, Choose:
Going to Cigarette Store:
Spending $ on Smokes:
Go to the Park
Go to College
Go Out to Eat
Buy friends gifts
Go to the Movies
Play the Lottery
Pray & Meditate Anywhere
Buy a new car

How I Quit Smoking

The Best Experts are the Experienced

My first cigarette was at the age of 13 years old. I'm not even quite sure I inhaled. But I did it because my cousins did, my mother did and the grow ups did and I wanted to be grown. I would steal cigarettes from my mother and grandmother and I remember every time I did I felt like I had won a jack pot. I think that incorporating the clinical theories discussed in this hub, I was definitely self medicating. I did not want to be a teenager. Nobody does. So that is the beginning of my self medicating history of how I learned to cope with life.

I was a full fledge smoker by 17 years old. By 18 years old I was trying to quit. By 27 years old I did. That's over a decade of smoking! I had tried Chantix pills, the patch, gum, other psychiatric medicine, NYS Quit Line, and hypnosis. Nothing worked. I had prayed since my grandma died in 2010 and finally March 13 2013 I woke up unable to breathe. I lost a position as a local police officer because I could not finish the training due to my illness. I had a creepy moment alone in my room reminiscing on how my child would survive if I died early because of my smoking. Then I stopped. Just one moment at a time but I stayed busy.

I didn't eat enough to get (that would trigger a smoke). I kept things in my hands and chewed bubble gum and prayed to have the obsession remove. Most importantly I DID NOT PICK UP NO MATTER WHAT.

Remember Why You Do What You Do

Don't Ever Forget....

In those moments when your brain is fighting your new path and you want to give up-DON'T! Remember, don't pick up or give up-no matter what! You won't regret it. Make a list of what cigarettes or whatever addiction brought to your life, what you want from a new life and what you expect continuing to use will do to your future life. Then focus on what you want in your new life and whenever you're about to give up, take a peek at your past list and expected future list.



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