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How Juicing is Like Your New Year’s Resolution to Exercise

Updated on January 9, 2015

What is Juicing?

Juicing is a smoothie minus the pulp. A juicing machine separates the fibrous pulp from the nutritional dense water. In contrast a blender, pulverizes the produce to make a single combined product.


Why Juice (Exercise) at all?

Height and health are a combination of genetics and environment. Yes, those baby blues are derived from your ancestors and perhaps an inclination for high blood pressure. Yet, long-term identical twin cases have proven that environment has significant influence over reality. The daily grind to the gym after New Years and the preparation to juice share in their unappealing nature. It is the rare creature that enjoys adding extra work into their lifestyle. Despite all this, the body requires fuel for it to operate properly. A year of healthy choices drastically changes lifestyle energy, happiness and overall satisfaction. Life insurance is bought everyday for financial consideration. Exercise and diet are insurance for a long independent life. Without it, disease, growing health concerns and hard old life is almost guaranteed.

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The Juice VS Pulp Debate: (Variety of Movement)

Going to the gym on the winds of your New Year motivation is great. What you do at the gym with your time is even more important. Variety is instrumental in pushing your body to the next level. A routine diet and exercise program will only take you so far. Sticking just to the cardio section is not going to target the fat on your midsection. A juicer without pulp gives your opportunities to similarly add more variety into your diet. You are not likely to eat ginger, avocado and beets raw. Juicing allows the efficient absorption of up to 70% of the nutrition absorbable into your bloodstream. In contrast, the fiber in pulp is good for your digestive track allowing the slow absorption of sugar into the body. Just like you can’t always have cardio days a combination of juicing and blending give you the best benefits. You need to venture into the different section of the gym to get the most gains.

Pack these different ingredients into your fridge:











Berries for antioxidants,



Turmeric Root


Sweet potato




Everything in Moderation

Going hard from the beginner just means you are going to fall quicker. Know your body. A 3-hour workout is going to make you lose heart about your resolution. Especially when the muscle aches start the next day. Similarly, you only need to drink 8oz, as that is all your body can process in an hour. Drinking more is going to both upset your stomach and empty your fridge for minimal results.

Prep work (An Ounce of Prevention Cures Procrastination)

You know what they say about good intentions. Some resolutions never see the light of the next day. Most make a valiant effort, with the second week of January being the busiest of the year for gyms. Complete these steps so that you too can become the local next year, rolling their eyes at the hordes of new comers likely not to stay.

Routine: Just like you need a routine to force yourself to go to the gym, pick a time of the day for juicing. Mornings work best, as you are not tired from work and grappling with excuses to sit in front of the television.

Preparation: Just like that yearly membership tying you to the gym, force yourself to bulk up on produce on your grocery trips. The satchel of apples needs to be used or it becomes lost money. Long-term investments are usually cheaper so look around for bulk produce.

Time Management: To go to the gym in the morning, have all the morning errands complete the day before. Make your lunch the night before, have all the morning steps set up so it is a quick dash out the door. Similarly, produce can be pre-cut and stored in separate Ziplocs bags so you have your individual portion juicing mixes ready to go for the rest of the week.

Juicing: Blogilates

Light On the Extremes

Do not jump into the expert level end of the lifestyle pool. Wade yourself from beginner onwards to keep a sustainable pace over the next year. Do not go to the fancy contraption that you do not know how to operate. You will hurt yourself. Similarly, a juice mixture of only kale is going to put you off on your juicing. The best resolutions are realistic and steadily increase commitment over the term of the year.

Add an apple, orange, mangoes, carrots, and berries to start your juicing experience off. This sweet taste will help you start to add in more greens, cucumbers and celery. Avoid drinking fruit only juices as these often have way more sugar than your body needs.


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