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A Useful Guide To How Lemons Benefit Your Health

Updated on March 24, 2013

Lemons and their juice are useful for many things in life, but how do lemons benefit your health? In this article, we give a brief explanation of this. It is hoped that you too will make lemons an integrate part of your life and diet once you see how good they are!

Some people believe that for every illness, disease or condition, there is a remedy somewhere in the world that will contradict and cure all living things.

This is because living things are organic and of the earth. This does not exclude human beings.

Many remedies from times gone by have been lost and are only just being rediscovered by science today. For example, Witches applied fungus to open wounds - today penicillin, a fungus, is widely used. Generics are anti-biotics and the like.

Lemon's are cheap, easy to prepare and help with many diseases and ailments.

If you Introduce these into a daily diet, many people report health benefits which, when we are well, we take for granted.

This article provides an overview of the health benefits of lemons and acts as a quick overview.

Weight Loss

It has been long thought of that lemons aid with weight loss. Now research has found evidence for this.

The body, therefore, with the aid of lemons ingested, rids itself of accummulated fat and toxins thereby aiding weight loss. Why not squeeze some lemon into your water bottle and sip all day!

What an easy way to help the process of weight loss by just drinking a little freshly squeezed lemon juice daily!

It really works. My Gran used to drink PJL every day to help her lose weight. It really does compliment a good, healthy diet.


Just as lemons help the body in weight loss, as part of the whole process, they also aid the digestion process. Lemon has natural acid and helps to break down food and control the bugs and bacteria that resides in the gut.

Lemons, therefore, help relieve bloating, nausea, heart burn, belching, parasites and constipation. Next time you want relief from these symptoms, don't go to the drug store - go to the green grocers. Hurray for lemons!

Lemons and Skin

Is your skin looking haggard and aged? Has it lost it's luster? Fear not, fill yourself with a drop of a little yellow for life invigoration.

Lemons are abundant in Vitamin C and are antioxidants. When drunk or eaten, lemons combat other more harmful substances, like the oxygen we breath, which lead to aging. Their detoxification effects brings back that healthy glow and regenerates the harmful effects of life.

Don't only drink this elixir of life, get great, more youthful looking skin, by applying topically to diminish scars and brown spots too.

Liver Detoxification

As associated with the digestion process, the liver detoxifies and helps cleans the body. It is with the help of lemons that detoxification can be more effective in the process.

Assist the liver to help itself regenerate, particularly the day after the night before, by drinking it's freshly squeezed juice. Remember to drink within 20 minutes from squeezing, so as you can maximise the vitamin c produced before sunlight destroys it.


  • Always make sure you use your lemon straight away after you squeeze it - sunlight destroys Vitamin C within 20 minutes after exposure!

Lemons and The Throat

We often take lemons for granted when we have a cold or sore throat. It seems natural to drink honey and lemon but this is no old wife's tale.

Lemons have antibacterial and anti-viral properties that help fight infections. It really is true that lemons are the best remedy when you have cold or flu symptoms!

Lemons Effect on Blood Pressure

Lemons have high potassium levels. This naturally helps control blood pressure. Remember, to monitor your blood pressure when using this remedy, especially when on blood pressure tablets. After integrating lemons into your diet, you might need to make a readjustment to your medication, so consult your Doctor if you have any concerns.

Maintain healthy blood pressure by taking fresh lemon!

Lemon's Decongest The Mucos In Lungs

Lemons are natural decongestions. They help to break down mucus and ease respiratory problems. Try drinking the juice and/or breathing it in over a bowl of lemon and hot water!

Secret Benefits of Lemon & Honey
Secret Benefits of Lemon & Honey

Want to know more about how lemons benefit your health? Buy this become healthier and happier!


Lemon's High Vitamin C Enhances The Immune System

Lemons are high in Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, bioflavanoids, pectin and limonene. The combination of which all help to boost the immune system!

Lemons Flush The Kidneys Of Toxins

Ever suffered with urinary tract infection? Well, lemons help to flush the kidneys of toxins.

What a great aid to a better pee!

Bitter Lemon To A Better Mouth

If you have ever had toothache, gum problems and/or bad breath, lemons can ease these conditions, simply and effectively. Just suck on a lemon, even if you aren't bitter!

Lemons Come Naturally!

Lemons really are a great natural source and benefit in aiding health. Always keep one to hand as they really are an asset to your overall sense of well being.

© Shazwellyn 2012 - This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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The Health Benefits of Lemons in a Nutshell!


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    • profile image

      Ruth Lanham 4 years ago

      Thank you...I'm happy to have this info. Especially about lemons aiding in weight loss.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 5 years ago

      I think lemons are the elixir of the gods!

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 5 years ago from Great Britain

      Thank you BlissfulWriter - a welcome addition to the article!

    • BlissfulWriter profile image

      BlissfulWriter 5 years ago

      The citrus from lemon also helps reduce the risk of certain kidney stones.