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How Long Will Tinnitus Last? Is It Curable?

Updated on November 11, 2016

How Long Will Tinnitus Last? Is It Curable?

Having tinnitus is no joke! When you first discovered that you were suffering from this condition, you probably did all you could to research and talk with the doctors to see what you can do. What usually happens is either they prescribe you some drugs that should help your ear be less sensitive to noise or send you to some audio noise training to train your brain to block the sounds out. Or as a last resort, surgery is also offered.

What is usually not mentioned is natural remedies that you can try. These do require some lifestyle changes as the majority of tinnitus cases are the result of an underlying root cause. Once you target and resolve that cause, usually the tinnitus will go away on its own. So sometimes, tinnitus acts as an alarm letting you know that something is not right with your body.

How long will tinnitus last?

Depending on the cause of the tinnitus, it can last anywhere from a few weeks to years. Some people have had to learn how to cope with it because nothing they do seems to help. That is a sad state of affairs and I hope you are not there! Or at least that your tinnitus is not as bad as some people's are where the noise is so high pitched and shrilled that they can't sleep or concentrate.

Sometimes tinnitus can be caused by an ear infection. Usually in this instance, the tinnitus should silence itself within a month's time.

If the underlying cause is stress or anxiety, then the tinnitus will be present as long as you are undergoing high stress and anxiety. And in these trying economic circumstances, more and more people are experiencing the noises of tinnitus.

Is it curable?

Tinnitus itself is not curable simply because it is a symptom of other causes. But it can be fixed if you get to the bottom of what is causing your tinnitus. The cause is different for each person, which is probably why doctors cannot say the one thing that causes tinnitus as well as prescribing one treatment that will work for everybody as it just doesn't work that way.

What can you do?

Even though there is no one cure for everybody, there are some natural home remedies you can try. But please do consult your doctor to make sure nothing will interact adversely with any medicines you are taking.

I've found two products so far that most users say have helped decrease their tinnitus symptoms anywhere from 20% to 100%.

Remember, these are natural remedies, so you may not feel, see, or hear results until you've taken these capsules regularly for a while.

DSE Lipo-Flavonoid Caplets

This first product helps to relieve your tinnitus symptoms by improving the circulation in your inner ear. It also relieves Meniere's disease symptoms.

Reviews say that it doesn't work for some, but for most, it helped to relieve the ringing in the ears enough so that it didn't wake them up anymore and they could function normally again.

The bottle says to take 1 capsule 3 times a day with a meal, but some people say they don't need to take that much. It sells for around $100 on Amazon and around $86 on Walmart.

RingZen Natural Tinnitus Relief Supplement

The second product is the RingZen Natural Tinnitus Relief Supplement. This supplement uses ingredients such as citrus bioflavonoids, ginkgo biloba, garlic, and magnesium to provide natural relief.

Just like with the Lipo Flavonoid product above, some reviews say that it didn't work, but most say it helped a lot.

The bottle says to take 2 to 4 capsules per day.

What's Your Tinnitus Story?

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    • profile image

      Derek 2 years ago

      I was cleaning my ear with a q tip, when.i pulled it out, it felt full and my hearing was muffled. This happened yesterday.

    • profile image

      Ken 3 years ago

      A week ago I got my right ear flushed to remove a big ball of wax. That day I got home and noticed a faint high frequency sound that same ear. Over the next two mornings after that I work up to ringing in my right ear, including what sounded like morse code. Thankfully that hasn't happened again however the very faint high frequency sound is still there. Is it possible that this was caused by the ear flushing?

    • profile image

      joe 3 years ago

      I woke up 1 morn with a high pitch ringing in my left ear this is about 3 months ago, I've been to the dr's & he could see nothing wrong with it so he sent me for a c.t scan to check for tuma's but nothing a few weeks after I went to a specialist at the hospital he said I had tinnitus & there was nothing that could be done, he said I will be reviewed in 6months to see if its got better or worsened....... watch this space...

    • profile image

      Emman 3 years ago

      yeah i have it not bad but i have it!

    • profile image

      trayvis 3 years ago

      I got tinnitus about a week ago. Smoked too much hookah. And I think I got co poisining . that night I got a super sharp pain in my ear. Now my head rings in a high pitch tone

    • profile image

      Caroline 3 years ago

      I had noises in my ears for long time its getting me down its be going on to long The nurse took wax out of my ears i just don't knovw what is is

    • profile image

      Caroline 3 years ago

      I had noises in my ears for long time its getting me down its be going on to long The nurse took wax out of my ears i just don't knovw what is is

    • profile image

      Jade 5 years ago

      Ok, I'm 13 and i'm not even sure if I had tinnitus. But after swimming one day during the summer, I started to hear a strange humming or swishing sound. I didn't really think it was serious but i just couldn't sleep. I didn't tell my parents and they still don't know I've had tinnitus. My tinnitus went away, i think, near September or August and I haven't had it since which is such a relief. I know it was either because of stress or maybe even the water in my ears. Whatever the cause, i am so happy to have be rid of tinnitus and hope whoever has tinnitus and is reading this can be rid of tinnitus too.

    • profile image

      mamacalleja 6 years ago

      im 40 years old never in my life did i experience such an annoying thing i hear my heart beat in my ear . only at night when its quiet . this started the day after i was in a car accident on dec 21 2012 i was hit from behind and damaged my neck from c1 to c7 discs also have nerve damage in left side all drs say it was def caused by accident the trama done to my neck and nerves but i do find that when adjusted by chiropracter i have better nights and don't hear it so much but there are nights im up all night tryin to find away to quiet the sound but nothing helps i try to slow my breathing down and that just slows the sound very little i just hope one day this goes away and i can sleep in peace again i wish this for all who suffer from this ....

    • profile image

      balram jangra 6 years ago

      Hello, myself balram, chandigarh (India) age 40 yrs is suffering from tinnitus for the last 2 yrs. I have gone thru all medical check up and docs told that there is no treatment for this disease. Somehow day time is better than night because after hectic day schedule and tiredness not able to have a good sleep. Please advise.

    • profile image

      Ravi yadav 6 years ago

      Hello, i am ravi a 20years boy in last year of college, i m having tinnitus, n i had it becz 4 last 4 days i listened hard music using head fones on high volume, it is very bad situation, u cannt be able to focus on ur studies. I m dieing every day. God help me .plz.