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The Importance of Building Self Esteem

Updated on July 24, 2010

Recommended Product for Building Self Esteem

The Secrets of Self Management
The Secrets of Self Management

Presented by Mike George, the bestselling author of the book "Learn To Relax: A Practical Guide to Easing Tension and Conquering Stress."


In this hub, we will see the importance of building self esteem. The primary reason for people to have low self-esteem is a longstanding self-injurious habit - giving negative and discouraging comments against themselves. This negative habit mostly starts during early childhood. The subconscious mind on the other hand records everything as such as it does not have the power to judge.

Subconscious mind records and stores the positive as well as negative comments as core beliefs. During early childhood years our brains will not be matured enough. During this period, we won't have the power of reasoning or power of discrimination. We may have created a negative picture of ourselves in the subconscious mind. This is the reason why people suffer from low self-esteem.

For example, a person who had recorded a negative belief such as "I am not fit enough" during early childhood years may suffer from low self-esteem later in life and may deny even a good job offer. The reason for this is the negative belief recorded in the subconscious mind that "I am not fit enough." This negative belief will stop the person from undertaking responsibilities. The person might feel "I don’t have the courage to do anything." Thus a vicious cycle of self-limiting beliefs may act upon a person and make life miserable.

People having low self-esteem have self-doubt and as a result of this may feel helpless, hopeless, and worthless. They may feel "down in the dumps", blue, and depressed. They may also suffer from anxiety episodes and their moods may go off frequently. They may suffer from frequent anger outbursts and may at times exhibit violent behavior towards family members. They may have irritability and may get agitated easily.

Low self-esteem is one of the underlying reasons for most of the psychiatric admissions. Though medications are helpful in calming the patient and relieving the anxiety symptoms, long term benefit for the patient is possible only by addressing the root cause of low self-esteem. The subconscious mind has to be rerecorded with positive and self-motivating beliefs. This will erase the previously recorded negative beliefs. This would enable people to live life without any self-limiting beliefs.

People taking psychiatric medications should continue taking them and along with that enroll in a meditation program that addresses the problem of low self-esteem. From my experience, I am quite sure that meditation has the potential to do the rerecording process in the subconscious mind. It reduces stress, relaxes your nervous system naturally, and instills self-confidence and self-respect. The regular practice of meditation helps in building self esteem of a person.

People with low self-esteem will have feelings of fear and guilt. They may also suffer from frequent mood swings.

Low self-esteem is a mind-related problem and not a medical condition though low self-esteem generally gives birth to various psychiatric conditions.

People with low self-esteem with or without associated psychiatric problems can recover completely by practicing silent meditation on a regular basis. They must try to build self esteem by using self esteem affirmations.


The Secrets of Self Management is an excellent course for building self esteem. The course is presented by Mike George, the author of the best seller "Learn to Relax." Based in London, Mike George is a management development consultant and personal development coach for over two decades. He is a meditation teacher and author of several best selling books. You may click here to get this excellent course.

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      ArtemD 6 years ago

      Great info, thanks, keep on going!

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      ArtemD 6 years ago

      Thanks, it was very equcative, I think I will follow your advices.