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How Marijuana May Affect You In The Long Run

Updated on February 7, 2012

Under the Influence?

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Marijuana is one of the most common "drugs" in the world. Many people look at this substance as a "natural herb", in which they think is healthy. While you are under the influence of marijuana, you may come across the acute effects of anxiety and euphoria. Marijuana, once consumed, effects can last from 30 minutes to 8 hours (depending on the amount consumed and method of consumption).

There are many ways to consume this popular substance. Nowadays, people are becoming very creative. Marijuana has been known to be smoked out of many different styles of pipes and bongs, and rolled in many different types of flavoured and non-flavoured papers and 'blunt wraps'. There are also many other ways to consume marijuana, such as: a gas mask, a lung, vaporizers, etc.

Short-term effects of this substance may include: sleepiness, increased heart rate (which may lead to anxiety or panic attacks), reddening of the eyes (caused by congestion of the conjuctival blood vessels), slow reaction / impaired or short-term memory, paranoia, hallucinations, altered or reduced comprehension and difficulty speaking, irritability, insomnia, altered or reduced motivation, muscle relaxation, change in temperature in hands and feet, and reduction in intraocular pressure.

Anxiety often occurs when a person who is "stoned" is running low on marijuana. Once they have little or no marijuana, people who consume marijuana daily, often borrow money to buy more and try to scrape at everything that the marijuana touched. In other words, they become desperate. Anxiety often occurs, also, when a person who is "stoned" is out in public. The main reason for this is because they worry about getting caught.

Fear of getting caught in public, can also result in 'laziness'. The fear of being out in public while "stoned", may cause a person to stay inside and continue consumption of marijuana... which results in little or no physical activity.

Is There Any Long-Term Effects?

Medicinal marijuana has been legalized in Canada, five European countries, and fifteen states in the US. It has been believed to help temporarily cure pain, nausea, and in some cases... chronic illness.

Potential long-term effects of marijuana may include: bipolar disorders, risk of cancer, decrease in testosterone levels and lower sperm count in men, increase in testosterone levels and increase risk of infertility in women, diminished or extinguished sexual pleasure, schizophrenia and depression. Many people who have consumed marijuana regularly, have experienced these symptoms. People who have experienced these symptoms tend to believe that marijuana would help them conquer these symptoms, 'though, little do they know... marijuana is most likely the main factor as to why they are experiencing these symptoms.

Testicular Cancer and Psychotic Disorders have been linked to the use of cannabis. Men are in danger, studies have proved that cannabis increases the risk by 70% of getting testicular cancer. In Germany, studies have proved that continued cannabis usage may increase the risk of psychotic disorders.


A very popular theory is that marijuana is a "gateway drug", and it has been believed that marijuana consumers are most likely to use harder drugs in the future. The theory is that daily marijuana users consume more and more marijuana because it takes longer for consumers to "get high", which leads to the consumption of harder drugs to satisfy the need to "get high".

Drugs are BAD... mmkay?

Many jobs and careers require you to do a drug test. Marijuana can stay in your system from as little as 2 weeks to 8 months (depending on usage). So tell me, is this drug really worth the risk of ruining your life?


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  • poet83 profile image

    Brian Lawson 5 years ago from Windsor, Va.

    Very well-written! Voted up!

  • EnNCee profile image

    EnNCee 5 years ago from Grande Cache

    Thank-you :), I decided to make a Hub about this topic, because I live in a small town where it seems that 80% of the people consume marijuana. I hope you enjoyed reading it :)