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How Massage Can Help You Lose Weight

Updated on September 2, 2015

It may seem unlikely, but yes,massage can help you lose weight in many ways. Here are some:

Massage improves blood circulation, bringing nutrition and restoration to the muscles, allowing you to do more

After a workout, muscles are tired and in need of nutrition and restoration. Since massage improves blood circulation, your muscles can perform more and better, burning more calories.

Massage can prevent and treat injuries

And then you wont lose an opportunity of working out and losing weight.

Massage improves flexibility

And, consequently, you have a wider range of motions and can do it better, again, burning more calories.

Massage can control appetite and increase motivation

Being relaxed after a tiring workout is a great motivation to do it again. Also, some types of massage work with acupressure, increasing your relaxation, giving a sensation of rest and renewal and reducing your appetite.


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