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How Mental Health Funds Benefit Private Prisons in America

Updated on August 31, 2015

The Private Prisons & Mental Health Funding Pipeline

Oh my. Bernie Sanders from Vermont. I like the man and I do like the more sane elements of his supporters but he is very big on rhetoric & once again, he plays on this myth that he can simply come into the White House and make magic happen. This is the exact same warning that Hillary Clinton gave towards the Obama Supporters before Obama actually became President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton warned, "The skies will not open up and the angelic choir will not simply string harps around you with sun shining down; as you attempt to work an agenda with Republicans and the right-wing of the American People."

Already we have Jeb 'Clark Kent' Bush recruiting for ISIS and being that Jeb Bush is a Latin American Scholar by choice but a banker by stealth trade, I simply know that when politicians talk about 'making billionaires pay their fair share' that these politicians actually have no serious blue-print or logistics to actually get any of this tax money back to the Middle Class and the working poor. Bernie Sanders is talking but where is the logistics?

Billionaires are often thought of as individual evil-doers (people) that are simply hogging up all the money but no one actually talks about institutional billionaires like Texas University at Austin and Yale University. These are institutions that have over 20 billion dollars in assets and are basically masquerading as academic institutions.

  • Yale and Texas University at Austin, are really for-profit organizations that maintain billions and billions of dollars, that are simply tax free. In other words, these are also billionaires that happen to be tax free. Is Bernie Sanders talking about that?

How is Bernie Sanders going to actually get this money? He makes it sound very easy but like I said; there are limitations to government & politicians.

We talk about needing treatment for people with mental health issues but of course the same government types that are pushing for all of this humanitarian mental treatment are failing to tell the public that private prisons are also the exact same people that will gobble up this money for mental health treatment.

  • GEO Group (international private prison stock) will not only gobble up the money that is allocated for mental health but the share-holders are based out of Canada, UK, South Africa and Australia and yet they own private prisons and migrant/immigrant detention facilities in the United States.
  • There is a need for mental health care but there is not a need to lie to these mobs and coalitions about a need for mental health care, demand money and only end up using the money to build more prisons.

These are very tricky issues, when we talk about funding some of these 'goody goody' ideas.

On one hand, if we got 20 billion in funds, for so called 'mental health', about 90% of this money will end up going towards the building of for-profit prisons and immigrant/migrant detention facilities because there really aren't too many politicians that even understand, how these private-prison stocks and facilities are multi-national entities that also will grab up money for 'mental health' only to give us more for-profit prisons.


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