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How Mind Movies Help To Manifest What You Desire In Life

Updated on April 28, 2014

A mind movie is a type of visualization tool that helps to bring to reality the things you want to experience and achieve in your life. If you're familiar with the vision board, this is the digital alternate version of it that fits best in this technological and fast-paced times.

A mind movie can be a powerpoint slideshow with complementing music that is fun and engaging to watch. It should be filled with short, positive affirmations and inspiring images. It can include your goal pictures placed in automatic transitions which give movements that trigger your subconscious mind. The music of your choice should be motivating and which will lift your spirit to the level you want to be at, when reaching your goal.

If you want a ready-to-use template, an option is to use the software supplied by Ryan Higgins and the MindMovie team. They have compiled an extraordinarily easy to use and efficient tool for the purpose. You can check out for more information on this product.

Now that you know how to make a mind movie, you have to know how to use it to manifest what you desire in life. You have a choice to use it regularly, frequently or subliminally. Regular viewing of mind movies means doing so twice a day, at least - in the morning upon waking up, and, before going to bed. Frequently, means as often as you come to think of it. This frequency produces more efficient results. Subliminally, means listening continuously even while working on the computer. You can just keep on doing what you have to do while letting the movie play continuously.

A good thing about using the MindMovies software program is that you can use this software, that's inconspicuously installed in your computer, to play your mind movie all day long but it allows you to see through it. And even more absolutely fantastic is that you can click through it, and even type through it!

There are also controls to allow you to manage the transparency and gradually select to which extent you want to see through. Being able to change the transparency, also called opacity, is an especially interesting feature, because then you can start your day by watching your film in full color and volume. Then you change the transparency and turn down the volume for the rest of the day. You can then continue doing what you normally do - emailing, surfing, creating powerpoints, encoding in excel sheets or whatever application you normally use your computer for. Within a few minutes your conscious mind becomes unaware of the mind movie that plays in the background.Your conscious mind filters it so it belongs to the general white information noise.

Your subconscious mind, however, will continuously collect all of it and start integrating it into your paradigm. In this way, you select what goes down in the paradigm. Much of your old internal dialogue going on unconsciously in the background is exchanged for the deliberate messages you are sending down with the mind movie you created. You will find out that this is a fascinating and efficient subliminal technique.

Let me share a testimonial from John Pait, which I personally heard, when he told John Higgins and the world, of his experience on using mind movies up to 2009. John Pait is a sales person and a master manifestor. According to him, with regular viewing of his mind movie in the first 5 months, 56% of the slides he placed there came true! The slides were mostly about money, and, he unexpectedly received checks in the mail.

With frequent use of watching his second mind movie for 2 months, 52% of the slides came true. We’re talking here of ‘BIG’ slides - e.g. moving into the house exactly as described and with an income of 6 figures a month. He was already running 8 different companies and spent more time at the computer daily.

At the start of using the subliminal accelerator, John said to himself: “If 10 of these would come true, I will be sold beyond belief. “ After using his third mind movie with the continuous subliminal accelerator for merely 3 weeks, 81 % of the slides came true. His stocks went up when everyone else’s where going down. He wanted $7,000 dollars in cash 3 days before Christmas, and $9,000 came in on the date he envisioned. Over $4,600 dollars came in unexpectedly from several different places. He got unexpected and fantastic gifts. He even inherited stuff from completely unexpected people.

Even if you would achieve only a fraction of John’s results, you can see that mind movies are extremely efficient if you put them in continuous use as subliminals.


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