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Is It An Anxiety Disorder Or Are You Trying To Medically Justify Your Behavior?

Updated on April 26, 2018

Calm Down!

I have been told to calm down more times than I count since I was a child. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, this is likely something you've heard often as well. I have even been told to calm down by people who have claimed to have an anxiety disorder! I don't see having anxiety as something that I can simply "calm down", it's not that simple. I don't choose to have the reactions to things that I do, I don't want to freak out over insignificant things, It is NOT a choice! If you have anxiety, you understand that it almost feels as if someone is taking over your thoughts and emotions and you don't know how to regain control.

Get Over It!

Another common thing that a person experiencing anxiety has been told, 'get over it' or 'let it go'. Individuals who have an anxiety disorder would love to be able to simply let things go and move on, but it's easier said than done. Do you think we want to dwell on things we have no control over? Or worse, the things we do? We don't want to keep having reoccuring thoughts about that ex that we can't seem to get off our minds, it's debilitating. I am sure family and friends get tired about hearing the same issues over and over but we don't know how to stop talking about it or move on.

You're Being Irrational!

You're right, I know that I'm being irrational, however, that doesn't mean I can just shut it off. That's the worst part about having anxiety is that you completely recognize that it is a problem but you still don't know how to fix it. You can spend countless hours training your brain to ignore these potentially unimportant things, only to cause yourself more anxiety by trying to do so.

You're Too Clingy/Needy/Obsessive!

The most frustrating thing about having anxiety is that people seem to miscontrue your intentions. Because they don't understand what you're going through, they see your anxiety as your being too clingy or obsessive when that couldn't be further from the truth. Here is the real truth about people with anxiety disorders - we care! We care about other people so much that it's creates a problem in our lives when something is happening to someone we care about. Nothing is more offensive to a person suffering from anxiety than to tell them that they care too much. Since when did caring about other people become such a bad thing? I would rather care too much than too little.

There Is More Than One Type Of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety can be caused by a multitude of things, there isn't just one type. Many of you probably have anxiety without even realizing that's what it's called. If you have any kind of phobia that disrupts our daily life? This is considered an anxiety disorder. Other common types of anxiety disorders are:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder - A persistent and excessive worry about many things

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - This is why we get called "obsessive", ironic, huh?

Panic Disorder - This causes someone to have acute to severe panic attacks than can be brought on by many different things

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Anxiety deriving from a trauma

Parents With Anixety

Being a parent while suffering from an anxiety disorder seems impossible. The most worrisome thing is that you don't want to pass it on to your children. Anxiety is not inborn, it is a learned disorder through experience, therefore, you must be careful around your children; you definitely don't want them to go through this. The best thing you can do is talk with your child about what it is, so that they don't just think you're crazy! It is common for parents with anxiety to check out or lash out about things their children do, this is inevitable. The way you can rectify this is by making sure to apologize to your children and explain that it's your fault, not theirs.

Anxiety Isn't A Joke!

I couldn't begin to tell you how many laughs or looks I have gotten when I have told somebody that I have an anxiety disorder. They think it is some kind of a joke and an excuse for behavior, but this is because they have absolutely no idea what it's like. I hope people who have anxiety benefit from this article and that those who make fun of us, learn something. Would you laugh at a soldier who has PTSD from the things he has witnessed in the war? No! So you shouldn't make fun of people who suffer from other forms of anxiety, either. It will only make it worse! Anxiety can be debilitating, it makes everything less enjoyable, and can cause many problems within your relationships.

Do You Have An Anxiety Disorder?

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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago from Chicago

      I believe people say these things because they (assume) the person they're talking to does not have a medical condition. Generally most people make the "assumption" we're all dealing with the same issues and if "I" can deal with my problems you should be able to handle yours. Most of the people you know aren't psychologists or medically trained.

      Therefore they're not going to {instantly believe} their friend or family member is unable to cope with everyday problems.

      Bottom line most people (are not) mean spirited.

      No one knows exactly what is going on in the inside of another. Once you realize you're dealing with someone who can't comprehend what's going on with you it's best not to share your issues with them. Therapists are probably the best solution in such cases. Friends and family mean well but they're not doctors.


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