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How NOT to be yourself

Updated on June 3, 2015
Just like this yellow tulip,being yourself makes you stand out the crowd!
Just like this yellow tulip,being yourself makes you stand out the crowd! | Source

Not being you is what we accidentally do. Mindlessly repeating and slowly killing our soul. This is a serious matter as serious as whom you chose to be your husband or wife. Why? Because you’ll be with yourself for the rest of your life. Surprise, surprise! So here’s a helpful guide to check if you’re on the right track on being yourself.

Wear make-up to cover up instead of enhancing your beauty

Make-ups are truly helpful for the reasons of enhancing the beauty that you already possess. It’s not for totally covering up the true you. Don’t hide under the mask of make-up. Expose the real you. Another thing is, don’t always wear make-up. Save it on special occasions. It’s a liberating experience to just face the world with natural beauty shining inside you.

Don't always blend in like a chameleon.Dare to be different!
Don't always blend in like a chameleon.Dare to be different! | Source

Wear clothes that aren’t your style but is trending

It’s not because everyone’s wearing something, you’ll directly dive in and wear it also. Have your own style. Don’t try to look the same as (fill up any popular celebrity you follow).Wear that clothing because it’s comfortable, it fits your body and most especially it fits your personality. Let us not play too much dress up game. There’s a limitation. And besides, it might hurt your pocket. When you chose to wear something, look in the mirror carefully and ask this question: Is this really me?

Continuously listening to unreasonable and negative criticisms

We can’t control everybody’s criticisms. We humans are very observant and well, not even thinking when we utter a word sometimes. But we can filter these criticisms. Choose the truth from the lies. You’ll know it deep in your hearts. You know if the person is just jealous or hates you. Don’t get bothered on what everyone’s saying at your back. Don’t whine when they said you look awful. Maybe they were just telling it to themselves. At the end of the day, your response is what matters. Will it ruin your day or will make you feel more beautiful because you have so many bashers that envy you. Come to think of it, they’re using their time to check the latest thing about you.


Based your worth on likes on Facebook

The scenario: you post a selfie of you with a giraffe and then constantly checking notifications if many liked or comment about it. There is nothing wrong in posting something worth posting and sharing it to the world, but there is really wrong when it agitates you when your friends or crush didn’t care to click the like button. Worst, you’ll even message, call or text them to like it now! Sounds familiar? If you are being yourself, you wouldn’t even care if they like it or not. Besides, if they are really your true friend they will gladly and willingly liked it without you forcing them. Another thing, the number of likes cannot outnumber your worth.

Comparing yourself to others

Remember, everyone is different. Your DNA combination is not theirs. We are all unique. I guess that last sentence is the ultimate cliché we are all tired of hearing but do we actually understand? Why constantly hurt ourselves? Why do we really compare? The answer is this: What you see in others is the mirror of the dream come true to you. But guess what, you can make it a reality. Start by doing it now instead of wasting time listing the different success, achievements, beautiful part of the body, clothes, shoes, car, etc. that he or she have that you don’t have. So move!

Being with people that are just cool to be with

Life is short to waste time being with people whom you know but actually a stranger in your life. Be with someone you are alive and truly happy. Don’t be in a club of people that totally have different views, values than you. Don’t spend so much time to someone that drains your energy. And worst, doesn’t treat you as a friend but as someone he can just use. Though it’s sometimes helpful to talk to someone that has something new to share, decide then and build relationships with true friends for life. It feels awesome to be with someone who has seen you not just your externals but your internals and your very true soul.

If only we can insert an earphone to our hearts to listen to what it says
If only we can insert an earphone to our hearts to listen to what it says | Source

Not listening to your own voice

Christina Aguilera sung it right. Trust the voice within. Who else knows you but yourself? Exercise your freedom to listen. If we always listen to what your neighbor, news, music, friends, family is saying, you’ll lose yourself .Listening to others is good. It makes you sensitive. But listening to your own voice is independence. Though some precautions: If your own voice is saying to do something that is not right or extremely a criminal act, hold it for a while, you need someone to talk to. Self-control is key. And of course knowing and drawing the line that this time, I’ll listen to my own voice. You’re doing yourself a favor for doing that!

Not giving yourself worth

John 3:16.Read it! You are really that worth, priceless being that God given his son Jesus Christ to die for your sins. Somebody died for you. How was that for a self-worth? Don’t you ever deny yourself respect. Don’t you ever let others crush your spirit .Don’t you ever allow someone to repetitively force you to wait and waste your precious time. That is not so giving yourself worth. Additionally, not taking care of your health is not giving worth to yourself as well. We only have one body here on Earth created by the Almighty God, it’s such a shame if we constantly drink, smoke or put off that planned exercise routine.

Not having your own definition of beauty

Magazines, fashion shows, TV, commercials, blogs, videos, beauty contests .We are everyday bombarded by their definition of beauty. Some say, curvy, thin, athletic, etc. But what’s significant is what your definition is.Beauty is absolutely in the eyes of the beholder.Have you currently check what you believed in? If not others will affect and dictate you how you view beauty. Now is the time to decide.

It's better to end this article by this inspirational,motivational,said it best song! I hope it makes you sing along also.

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