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How Nicolai Levashov Changed the Course of Modern Medicine and Healing

Updated on January 30, 2018

Is It Possible For Thought Forms to Help The Human Body To Heal?

Can thinking, or ‘thought forms’ really help a human body heal? Is it possible for the energy of thought to act as if it were ‘medicine’? These are interesting questions and, to try and find answers, we are looking at a practitioner of the Levashov method of natural healing, Robert Ginsberg, who believes that treating ailments with thought-forms, or mental programs, definitely works. Robert has seen recovery occur from many conditions including migraine, arthritis, sleeping difficulties, neck and back problems, infections and ulcerative colitis, as the underlying cause of an ailment is treated. For over ten years Robert learned Russian healer and physicist Levashov’s methods and, after a long period of studying with Levashov in person, discovered to ‘scan’ for ailments and to diagnose their origin. He is then able to reprogram the body’s subtle energy fields in order to produce healing in the patients physical body.

Today, Robert Ginsberg treats a wide variety of clients from all over the world - physical contact is not necessary for the Levashov system to be effective making it totally natural and non-invasive. In fact, Robert has never met the majority of his patients, and probably never will. This does not affect the effectiveness of the treatments in any way.

Could This Be The Healing Modality of the Future?

Robert explains that the Levashov’s system “merges spirituality and science into one precise multi-dimensional healing modality’. That may may sound like a wide ranging claim, but this may well be the direction in which humanity is heading as we gradually become more and more conscious of new possibilities for our health and wellbeing, seeking ways to heal ourselves that are holistic, natural, non-invasive, and, of course, effective. Well respected publication, Prevention Magazine, (January 2000 issue) posed questions to a number of leading medical practitioners as to how the field of alternative medicine could possibly develop over the next century. The responses made included predictions that energy medicine would become more prominent – meaning that we could learn to diagnose many health issues using just the mind, and then in many cases, use the power of the mind in order to heal. this is precisely what Levashov’s system makes possible: energy medicine for now and the future.

It is certainly exciting to think that almost anyone could actually receive treatment for many of their health problems without the need to visit a doctor or to take medication which often has unwelcome side effects. In many case, surgery could be avoided as well.

It's a Case of Reprogramming at Cell Level

There’s a massive amount of research and thinking that lies behind what is now being called the Levashov system. Nicolai Levashov in fact believed the human body comprises of seven levels, including a physical level as well as six subtle energy levels. He also believed that our body cells have a channel in their nuclei. It is this channel that connects the physical cell to the higher subtle energy levels. This means is that a change made to one level will then affect all the other levels. In short, the human body is in fact one inter-connected spiritual system that actually talks to itself. If healing is to happen, a thought-form, or mental program has to be transmitted by the healer into the subtle energy bodies of the person to be treated. (Reprogramming targets the affected areas of the body primarily through the astral and ethereal levels, because these two levels express the structure of the physical body.) As Ginsburg says, “all work using the Levashov system is done off the body without physical contact. Change on the physical level is secondary to work on the subtle energy level.”
If we take Levahov’s theory a step further, and consider how, if we are all spiritually interconnected, our minds are naturally connected – and how this presents an opportunity not only to heal, but to expand our thinking, to expand our perspective and join the greater cosmos. Our thoughts can not only heal and positively impact our environment, but can influence the forces of nature itself.


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