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How Our Dreams Can Warn And Guide Us

Updated on January 29, 2016

Dreams, Warnings, Prophecies

Your mind is usually at its most peaceful state when you are sleeping. It is during this time that we usually began to have dreams. One of the most amazing things about dreams is that they can reveal to us what our fears are in our waken state. Dreams can also act as a warning, prophesy or prepare us for what is about to happen in our lives. Our dreams can be very beneficial if we pay close attention to every single detail that happens in our dream.

In this article, I am going to show you some examples from my past and present experiences with dreams and how they helped and guided me. Hopefully after reading this article, you will began to pay close attention to your dreams and use it as a stepping stone for guidance in your life. Below, I will be discussing a dream that I had and a dream that my friend had and I will walk you thru step by step on how I was able to interpret both dreams.

Dream 1- I'm frantically running on what appears to be a wooden boardwalk, but I'm not running alone. There are what appears to be hundreds of other people who are also running in the same direction as I am. I don't know what we are running from or to but we are running from something! All of a sudden we stop running and we all began to crawl very fast. My heart is racing, my palms are sweaty and my knees are hurting from crawling so fast on the wooden boardwalk. I'm so scared!!!, I see people who are crawling faster than me so they are no longer beside or behind me, they are now passing me.

Finally, I make it to the end of the boardwalk where everyone is cautiously observing a ocean of dark grey water that is mixed with ashes!!! No on says a word! Silence fills the boardwalk as every single person has there attention on the water. We no longer need to run because whatever we was running from has finally ended. I am awaken from my dream with curiosity as to what my dream could have meant.

My dream continued to bother me for weeks until one day while I was at work ,my co worker asked if I had heard about the wild fires that were happening in a town that was 15 miles from where I lived. I didn't think too much into what was happening with the wildfires because it was only happening in a small area in the woods and I knew that the fire fighters had it contained. A hour later many small fires began to emerged around my neighborhood. As a result, many people had to evacuate their homes.

After doing some deep thinking, I realized that my dream that I had prior to the fires was a prophetic dream as to what was about to soon be happening. Like for instance, in my dream everyone was crawling and rolling to get away from whatever they running from. The first fire safety prevention step is to stop, drop, and roll to prevent the spread of fire if fire happens to get on your clothing .

Last but not least, when we finally made it to the end of the boardwalk there were was nothing left but water mixed with ashes. This symbolize the firefighters finally being able to stop the fires, allowing the residents to come back to their homes to see the aftermath of the fires, which was lots of ashes! Why was water in my dream? Because water can help put out certain fires. This is a example of what I call a prophesy dream. A prophesy is something that will happen in the future.

Dream 2- A few years ago a friend of mine had a dream that worried him. He dreamed that he was peacefully driving his motorcycle down the highway when all of a sudden the beautiful white clouds that were in the sky changed into rain clouds. Rain began to pour down heavily as he continued to drive. While driving his motorcycle, he suddenly lost control of his bike and began sliding. Still unable to control his bike, his livelihood took a turn for the worst when his bike suddenly tumbled and started to fall down and hit the road. He frantically screamed as he saw himself began to fall down with his bike. But before fully hitting the ground, something miraculously happened. He regained control of his bike, and was able to successfully continue driving.

After listening very closely and paying attention to each detail of his dream I was able to provide him with a interpretation to his dream that prepared him for what was about to happen in his life.

First of all, in his dream he was driving a motorcycle. Whenever a person is walking, driving a car, motorcycle or any form of mobile transportation to and from a destination that symbolizes a journey in the dream. Also, in the beginning of his dream he was in a peaceful state of mind, the sky's were beautiful and sunny and he was enjoying his ride.The beautiful sky's eventually changed into stormy rainy weather. The sunny sky's in the beginning of his dream symbolized his present Happy life!! He had a great job so his finances were in good standing, he had good health, and he lived at his dream place. The changing of the weather to stormy symbolized what was currently about to happen in his life. Storms in your dream actually mean storms in your real life! I explained to my friend that there will soon be some kind of storm which can come from the result of a trial or hardship in his life. In his dream, he was able to drive through the storm until almost crashing his bike but somehow regaining control of his bike and landing back on both of his wheels. My interpretation of this was that the hardship that he was going to go through might be so bad that it makes him feel like he was mentally going to lose it!

A week after my friend had his dream he lost his job and begin to have hardships that were one after the other. When he wanted to give up, he kept remembering how in his dream that he never Fail unto the ground This is what encouraged him to continue to keep moving forward doing his hard journey.

Please Feel Free Discuss Dreams That You Have Had

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