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How Oxygen Can Help You Lose Weight

Updated on October 30, 2012
Oxygen burns fat which makes aerobic exercise quite effective.
Oxygen burns fat which makes aerobic exercise quite effective.

Oxygen burns Fat

Breathing is an essential part of life and an essential part of metabolism. Breathing brings oxygen into the body which is then used to increase metabolism and and consume energy; fat in particular. There are very few direct studies done on breathing oxygen and weight loss but we know this from the many related studies that have been completed and from the many people have personally used deep breathing techniques to increase oxygen flow and experienced the associated weight loss.

There are some who think the reason more scientific research on this subject is slow in coming is because there is not a significant monetary benefit to completing the research. You can't really make a killing off of what people breath in freely every day. Nevertheless, there is growing interest and more programs that teach you how to maximize your lung capacity for oxygen intake and weight loss.

Oxycise: A Program to Burn Fat with Oxygen through Deep Breathing


Oxycise is an deep breathing exercise program devised by Jill Johnson and her associates that teaches a person exercises for increasing oxygen flow to the body that is then able to speed up your body's fat burning ability. Oxycise as a concept and a program has proven extremely popular and has had a lot of success. Part of the success comes from the ease of the program. You can complete a program workout in 20-30 minutes and this is great for Western Cultures where people have very little time for exercise because they are working and striving so hard. Oxycise also provides other benefits as deep breathing is great for reducing stress and improving overall health.

Oxycise programs are also cheap making them accessible to people from all walks of life. Gone are the costly weights and work out machines. Oxycise brings simplicity and common sense to bear on physical health and conditioning.

Oxygen, Weight Loss, and Aerobic Exercise

Everyone knows that aerobic exercise is one of the most critical and efficient ways to burn body fat. Aerobic exercise increases your breathing rate and oxygen intake. The oxygen intake of course speeds up your body's metabolism to burn fat.

If you plan to use aerobic exercise (like running, biking, soccer, basketball) to lose weight and burn fat, you need to commit yourself to at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 times a week. This helps your body to reach the maximum capacity of efficiency and speed up your metabolism for the day. It's also most beneficial if you do your aerobic exercise in the morning soon after you get up because it can set your metabolism rate for the entire day.

Oxycise is basically an aerobic workout although in some ways it can produce results quicker. So it is another option that can work well in helping you to increase oxygen intake and lose fat.

Balanced Eating

Increasing oxygen intake to lose weight only works if you also develop a balanced and healthy eating lifestyle (what some refer to as a diet). You should get rid of junk food, increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, and limit your carbohydrate intake. Eat healthy starches like Quinoa instead of unhealthy starches like white bread.

Remember, that losing and burning fat is about lifestyle balance. If you want to lose it and keep it off, then you need to change your lifestyle habits, rather than try a technique here and there for a short period of time.


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    • talfonso profile image

      talfonso 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      Great article on how oxygen can help people lose weight! I am a HUGE fan of Oxycise and am using it 5-7 times a week! I lost 12 inches - 6 from my waist - and that was since starting that on July of this year! (Oh, and I lost 7 pounds since then too!) I'm gladly sharing this Hub with other Hubbers (and will gladly write on the benefits of Oxycise!).

    • mlzingarella profile image

      mlzingarella 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      An interesting connection. I have read that not getting enough sleep can also deter weight loss efforts. Now, I am wondering...Is the deep relaxation, and breathing during restful sleep related to this connection too?