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How Positive Attracts the Positive

Updated on July 10, 2017

“ The Secret “ has been read by many people across the world. It was a bestseller once. It claims to have changed lives of many people. “ The Secret “ reveals that there is something called the law of attraction in the universe. When a person’s thoughts are positive, when he admits to himself the fact that he sincerely wants a particular thing in life, he attracts positive energy towards himself and that thing indeed happens. For example a person who prays to find a loving partner constantly with the belief that his prayers will indeed be heard , ends up being blessed with such a partner. One thing is to sincerely pray for such a thing and the other is to have faith that the prayer will be granted.

I have seen people rise from utter poverty to great riches. They have thought about only earning money from as many sources as possible. They have made as much effort as they can to make this dream a success. It is not only their constant effort but persistent positive thinking that brings them the result. On the thought level, they believe that their dream will come true. They imagine a wealthy tomorrow for themselves. They associate themselves with the rich and successful. They recognize themselves in the category of the successful. They think about success all the time. With each little success, they confirm their belief and appreciate themselves. They don’t focus on their failures or weaknesses. They don’t attach any significance to these. They simply move on to another task. Over the years, their vision becomes reality and everything that they had imagined for themselves many years back, they have it all. And Rome was not built in a day!

On the contrary, someone who has a vision of failing eventually fails in his life. If your belief is not strong enough, positive energy does not come to you. People who are healthy are necessarily not those who have money and comfort but those who have happy people around them. Their mind is full of positive images. They are happy because they have happy images in mind. They are healthy because they believe they can be and will be happy.

The book, “ The Secret”, mentions a technique. One should pick up images from magazines and newspapers of happiness and healthy living and think over them and let those images go down in the mind. When those images are persistently present in the mind, the person expects those things to happen. The person acquires stronger belief that ‘the good’ will happen to him.

Take a plain diary and stick pictures of the things you want in the long term. It may be a house. Ponder on the image and believe strongly that it will happen. Do it continuously and your belief will attract your dream to you.

Another idea is to have a special shelf in your wardrobe or book shelf with pictures of those ideas stuck on the sides. Once you put your head into it, you can see your positive future in front of you. In context of the house, stick a picture of the house right in the centre.

To plant a particular idea in your mind, you need to see in and around you constantly. So you should put the picture of the house in all the places in the house where you spend a lot of time. Even when you are not looking directly on this picture often, your subconscious mind sees it and it remains there.

If you wish to be a successful entrepreneur, paste pictures of the most successful entrepreneurs in room where you spend most of the time. Your mind attracts energies of the images it sees often. That is the reason we prefer to have beautiful and peaceful paintings in our rooms.

Of course we have heard a thousand times that we should think positively. But not many know that there are scientific reasons why and there are clear techniques to help your mind adapt that way of thinking. So next time you see a successful person, don’t think he just happened to be lucky. Remember his achievements are because of the images he carried in his mind over the years.


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