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How Positive Thinking can change your life!

Updated on June 2, 2012

Before I say anything about positive thinking I'd like to ask you a if you've ever had an experience like this:

You've spent a long time working on something or just life in general, things don't seem to be happening and you're getting frustrated. You get angry but continue on your path but it seems more things just go wrong, after a while you realise that the reason nothing is working out is because some idiot managed to stuff it up. You start to think more about it and you realise that for some reason everyone else is getting in your way, anf the ones that have everything are cheats. They get everything because they're parents are rich, they have good genetics or everyone just thinks they're just wonderful (except you of course). They're all the bad guys and you are the victim. Why bother? You think screw this, I won't even bother trying to achieve this anymore, it's totally rigged!

This is what happens when a negative mindset takes over. not only does it breed a 'blame everyone else and the world mentality' it can lead to bad habits in life. A lot of people quit and abandon their goals because things are too hard and it's not their fault. Even if this is true, the positive spin on this type of thinking can make a huge difference. it may not be 'their fault', but being positive and proactive would have them understand that it their reponsibility.

As things go wrong in life, and they always do, you have to adapt, think of a way to work arond something o rbeat it entirely, chuckign a hissy fit and quitting leaves you sitting in the one spot doing nothing. Always understanding your resonsibility gets you moving, past that obstacle and onto the next.

Positive thinking creates a proactive attitude. When something goes wrong, you still have that faith that you can keep going, that a change is in order and your goals can be achieved. Looking at mistakes as lessons and opportunities to learn, ends as new beginnings and seeing the cup half full, eventually makes you happier, healthier and more successful. Besides, if all you do is focus on the negative, you'll live your life miserable.. BY CHOICE. Seem's kind of stupid when you can choose to be happy, seeing the positive side of any situation allows you to perceive life as being happy,when a pessimist see's blame and misery.

But it's not all about the internal feeling of being positive and happy, this way of thinking affects the world around you. Being a positive happy person, as opposed to being bitchy and negative, is a quality more likely to win friends and respect. No one repsects the sore loser who blames everyone else, a happy person often has a contagious energy about them that spreads to those around them (and vice versa for a negative attitude).

How does all this change your life? Being proactive means you get more done, thinking optimistically makes you happier and can help create friendships and earn respect. Having the attitude that everything in your life is your responsibility is the first step to changing any part of your life, and it takes a proactive mentality to understand that and take action.

Being successful in your career, or being fit and healthy, having a good marriage all takes action. The first action being to change your mentailty for the better!


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    • wademcmaster profile image

      wademcmaster 6 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for the compliment! The start of that hub is how I used to think years and years ago, and you really start to notice it everywhere when you just get over it and start to be more optimistic. And you're right, no matter the challenges or crises we have, a little thinking can make it not so heavy. Being negative can give you a bit of tunnel vision that has you convinced your life is horrible. Things aren't so bad! You're not starving and homeless, things could be worse, and you're actually quite lucky!

    • Happyboomernurse profile image

      Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

      I truly believe what you said in this quote: "But it's not all about the internal feeling of being positive and happy, this way of thinking affects the world around you." There's real power in positive thought patterns.

      No matter what challenges or crises we have in our life, we still have the opportunity to choose our response and thereby shape the final outcome. Unfortunately far too many people are set in the negative mindset that you started this hub with and they don't even realize they can break out by choosing to take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions.

    • lbidd54 profile image

      lbidd54 6 years ago from The beautiful Jersey Shore

      Good points in your hub. Thanks for reminding me that all problems bring opportunity.