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How Prostate cancers are treated

Updated on November 7, 2013

Prostate Cancer

Age and Genetics are involved in the development of many forms of cancer. Prostate cancer is a major health concern for men. It is a disease that almost never affects males under the age of 50. According to experts, a great deal of older males has traces of this issue but might not be conscious of it because there are little or no signs and symptoms.

Prostate cancers are cancers that form in tissues of the prostate (a gland in the male reproductive system found below the bladder and in front of the rectum). Prostate cancer usually occurs in older men. Doctors have a variety of ways to treat prostate cancer including surgery, radiation, and drugs that slow the growth of prostate cancer cells.

This illness generally grows slowly and is also not fast moving in its development. Often there are no symptoms until it has attained an advanced stage. Most of the men that have this medical condition perish from other causes and never realize that they even had it. Even so, once the disease begins to buy speed or spreads to other tissues and cells beyond this walnut-size gland, it becomes dangerous.

In its initial phases, which is to say when it is only to be found in the gland under consideration, treatment is such that the patient's chances for survival are great. Fortunately for most males, this ailment is diagnosed when it is within an early phase of its advancement (an estimated 85 percent of males are diagnosed in the beginning).
There are ways to handle it from spreading a little bit more, although once the cancer has spread beyond the gland, such as to the lymph nodes, lungs and bones, it cannot be remedied. Due to the scientific advancements from the treatments that are available, most males whose prostate cancer has spread to other parts of the body can get to live five or more many years with the disease. Some of these males continue to live a normal daily life and die of other causes, such as heart malfunction.


Surgery involves the physical removing of the infected prostate as well as other cancerous tissues. Doctors use different surgical techniques to eliminate the infected tissues. These involves Open radical retropubic prostatectomy which involves removing the prostate by way of a cut made in the lower stomach, Radical perineal prostatectomy entails removing the prostate through a minimize made in the perineum, the region between the scrotum and anus, Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy is performed through five or six tiny cuts inside the lower abdomen. Manipulating robot-like fingers go through these cuts to remove the diseased prostate with small disturbance to healthy surrounding tissue. Laparoscopic prostatectomy consists of making four or several very small cuts in the stomach. The surgeon inserts very small cameras and surgical resources through the cuts to remove the cancerous tissues.

Radiation therapies

Radiation therapies techniques are External beam radiation treatment which targets prostate cancer with high-energy X-rays delivered from outside the body, (HDR) High-dose rate brachytherapy is a kind of inside radiation therapy which provides high dosages of radiation from implants positioned near to, or within, the tumour(s) in your body, and Proton therapy which is a type of external radiation that utilizes positively-charged contaminants to treat the cancer.

In Drug Treatment

In Drug Treatment, ADT or androgen deprivation therapy requires injecting of hormones in the buttocks either once a month, once every three to four months, or once a year, depending on the specific Anti and drug-androgens therapies where testosterone suppressants are administered in the form of pills. Chemo is administered when the cancer has spread to other body parts.
The prostate is usually a gland which is located in the reproductive system of men. Its work is always to make most of the semen that carries semen. This gland is situated below the surrounds and bladder the top area of the urethra, that is the pipe which transports urine out of your bladder.


The treatment that is suggested for patients with the early stages of prostate cancer would most definitely be the Internal Rays Therapy, High-dosage rate (HDR) brachytherapy which delivers high doses of radiation from implants put close to, or inside, the tumor(s) in the body. This procedure minimizes the risk of side effects like erectile, bowel and pee disfunctions that are associated with other treatment options.
HDR brachytherapy offers a precise treatment that takes only a few minutes. It offers a quicker, more effective type of rays treatment for patients. The entire brachytherapy treatment takes one to two times, instead of five to several weeks for external ray radiation therapy.


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