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How Random Acts of Kindness Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Updated on January 16, 2022
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Amelia has over 25 years of experience in the Training and Development, and eLearning industries. She is also the author of over 15 books.

The simple act of smiling can actually make you and a friend feel better!  :-)
The simple act of smiling can actually make you and a friend feel better! :-)

Can being nice to others actually make you feel better? I believe it can. When you smile and do something kind for someone else, there is a good chance that they will return the favor. I believe it can happen the majority of the time, especially when you least expect it. Or, what might happen is that they will remember your kind gesture, and they will be kind to someone else. Will it happen 100% of the time? The only way to find out is to try it.

Start out with something small. For example, just the act of smiling is something easy to try. Smiling is definitely contagious! A smile is worth a thousand words. So when you walk into a store, restaurant, or workplace, make someone’s day and smile. One of two things can happen: the person may do nothing and keep walking (don’t let that discourage you…they may still appreciate your smile, but they may not want to show it), or the person will be pleasantly surprised and they may smile back at you. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. Try it, not because you want to see what happens, but just because it’s a nice thing to do. When the opportunity presents itself, and you can do something nice for someone else, whatever it may be, you will be happy that you made someone’s day.

Here are some simple random acts of kindness:

  • Open a door for someone and smile at them.
  • If someone drops something, pick up their item and hand it to them.
  • If you find any amount of money on the ground, rather than keep it, donate it to to good will, your local church or community.
  • Leave a love note in your child’s lunch box or backpack and tell them to have a great day! Include a happy face and tell them that you love them (even if they were grumpy and told you to leave them alone when they left the house).
  • Text or email your spouse, family member or good friend, and tell him or her “I love you” for no special reason.
  • Help someone learn something new on a computer.
  • Share your umbrella with a friend, or better yet, offer your umbrella to someone who may need it more than you.
  • Shovel extra snow for a neighbor in winter.
  • Rake your neighbor’s leaves in fall.
  • Bring flowers to someone to brighten their day.
  • Surprise someone with a compliment.
  • Say please and thank you to everyone every chance you get.

You're Invited to Spread Kindness Throughout the World!

I would like to invite you to write a hubpage article about your experience with Random Acts of Kindness. Are you up for the challenge? Maybe you let the car in the next lane move into your lane, or maybe you returned a lost item to someone, or gave your coat to a homeless person. Or, maybe you cooked food for an elderly neighbor on a birthday or holiday and delivered it in person. The possibilities are endless, and the feeling in the end is always the same…a warm feeling that makes you feel better, because you made a choice to be kind to someone today!

I notice there are already quite a few hubbers who have written articles on random acts of kindness, so I’ve listed some links below. Hats off to those of you who are spreading the word about randoms acts of kindness!

The more hubs we create with examples of random acts of kindness and success stories, the more kindness will spread across the world. So spread the word, drop me a line, create a hub or text a friend today and surprise someone with a random act of kindness!

Teach Kids The Random Act of Kindess!

Remember to teach children about randoms acts of kindness too. It’s best to teach by example. If they see YOU being kind to someone, there is a good chance they will remember what they see and in turn, they will be kind to others.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Amelia Griggs


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