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How to Remove Coffee Stains from Your Teeth

Updated on April 26, 2015
How to Remove Coffee Stains from Your Teeth
How to Remove Coffee Stains from Your Teeth

If you’re a coffee drinker than you know how hard it can be to keep your teeth from getting stained or even harder to whiten them once they are stained. But giving up coffee just isn’t an option. Don’t despair though; there are many ways to get your teeth whiter. Some home remedies even use ingredients you have around your house. Most teeth whiteners take about 20 to 30 minutes a day and within a week or two you should have whiter teeth.

Professional Whitening

The best way to have your teeth whitened is in a dentist’s office. Choose a dentist that you trust or has good references from friends or relatives. There are a couple of methods that a dentist can use to get your teeth shades lighter in one to three sessions. The average cost of professional whitening is between $400 and $1000.

The most popular procedure is peroxide bleaching. Because the mixture can cause irritation to the soft tissue in your mouth the dentist or her assistant will put a dental dam in the mouth before starting the procedure. This keeps the whitener on the teeth and keeps it from the gums, lips and tongue. It is also possible that some people may experience tooth sensitivity or pain while the bleaching process is taking place.

This could be a sign that the treatment is causing inflammation to a nerve in the patient’s mouth. In this case the dentist may cut the whitening time down or terminate it altogether. The dentist will not numb a patient because the patient would not be able to feel the warning signs of pain that the peroxide may have leaked through the dam and is in contact with the soft tissue. Most dentists take great care to make sure this procedure is done safely and with little or no discomfort. This type of whitening lasts much longer than all of the rest however it may take multiple treatments before the patient is satisfied with the color.

Another professional treatment for teeth whitening is an activated lighting or laser treatment. This method dehydrates the teeth and causes them to lighten. The problem with this procedure is that when the teeth rehydrate they get darker again. Within three of four days the teeth start to rehydrate and the color comes back. The dentist will normally recommend the patient follow up with at home teeth whiteners to keep the whitening effect.



Still the best way to keep your teeth white is to prevent stains in the first place. Some people drink their coffee and tea through a straw. This way the stain doesn't come in contact with your teeth. If you think people will look at you a little strange then you can at least do it at home. Brush your teeth as soon as you are finished with your coffee, this works well too. Carry a toothbrush and a travel size tube of toothpaste with you if you go out to lunch or dinner and brush when you are finished. This will even work to some degree if you don’t have toothpaste. Carry sugar free or dental gum with you. If you are in a situation that doesn't allow you to leave and brush your teeth, chew a piece of gum.

It will pull the coffee off of your teeth and keep them from becoming stained. Try using a whitening toothpaste or rinse. These products don’t stay in contact with your teeth long enough to actually whiten them but using them after you've had a cup of coffee will keep a stain from starting. These are especially helpful after your teeth have been professionally whitened or you have whitened them using strips or gels.

Over the Counter Treatments

There are many over the counter tooth whiteners on the market today. Some work very well and others are simply a scam. The variety of these products let you choose the method you like to use best. They range from a tube of toothpaste to tray products that can cost as much as professional treatments.

The toothpastes and rinses work best in conjunction with other whitening products or treatments. They tend to keep your teeth whiter more than makes them whiter. Some of the whitening strips work very well and some don’t work at all. Most of the strips that work are the more expensive ones. There are gels that you apply directly to your teeth and some that sit in a tray and you put the tray around your teeth for 10 to 20 minutes a day for about 2 weeks. These are little messier than the strips but work just as well. Whatever method you choose to use make sure you follow the directions and if the product causes sensitivity, take a few days off between applications.

Home Made Treatments

Almost everyone you meet will have their own home made tooth whitening treatment. Some of them are quite funny but others actually work. Here is a list of a few of them, but it is unknown if they are safe or effective.

  1. Mix some 3% hydrogen peroxide with baking soda into a paste. Apply to your front teeth and keep it off of your gums and lips. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off.
  2. Brush your toothbrush over a piece of charcoal until the toothbrush is black. Then dip the top to the toothbrush into baking soda. Place the brush in water and brush your teeth with it for a minute or so. When you are finished, brush your teeth again with toothpaste.
  3. Mix the juice of a half of a lemon with some cigarette ash. Blend them together with your toothbrush for at least 10 seconds. Brush your teeth with the mixture for at least a minute and then brush your teeth again with toothpaste.

You and find these and other home remedies at Youtube. Just remember these are not tested for safety and they may or may not work.

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