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How Resilient and Adaptable We Really Are

Updated on March 17, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

These Ancient Folks Must Have Been Vey Bored Before ET's Arrived to Improve Their Offspring
These Ancient Folks Must Have Been Vey Bored Before ET's Arrived to Improve Their Offspring

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

It always amuses and inspires me to remember how the fact that I exist means an unbroken line of my ancestors all the way back to the beginning of the human race. Or maybe even further back, if we are to believe in the theory of evolution.

However, since the true human origin is still up for grabs, I shamelessly choose to believe that my first male ancestor was an extraterrestrial dude who impregnated a sexy looking female primate - hairy chest and everything - that was roaming aimlessly like a lost puppy around the wastelands of prehistoric earth. It must have been a very horny ET after that long space travel, but who am I to judge anybody's taste.

Why not? Just like anybody else so far I have a right to choose my own way of being wrong. I have my first female ancestor's hairy chest and also partial brains of my ET's first male ancestor - by the way, trying to activate some more of his genes - if "humanly possible".

I have a feeling he won't mind that I am not calling him "holy father", since there was nothing really "holy" about what he did. Also, he must have had a good sense of humor to create us so imperfect, but I do thank him for at least this ability to see the funny side of the whole damn racket called "life".

Nevertheless, let's get back to that long, very long line of our human-like ancestors.

It's Amazing What Our Body Could Do  -  Once We Stop Complaining About Arthritis
It's Amazing What Our Body Could Do - Once We Stop Complaining About Arthritis

It's All Neatly Recorded In Our DNA

There is no way that we could get a good picture of all hardships involved in the naked survival of all those generations preceding our birth. Now, even if you know about DNA only as little as I do, you must join me in my fascination with the fact that all that power to survive is recorded somewhere within our genome.

It's all available to be activated, along with those other genes that contain instructions for our body how to get hit by anything from a hay fever to a cancer. Isn't that amazing how our culture is primarily playing on that part of our genome, having instilled into our consciousness all that scary crap which brings us to doctors - to pay for their kids' education.

In the meantime, no one bothers to educate us about our true resilience and adaptability which has become our default nature through eons of some unimaginable hardships. Doesn't it ever strike you as strange that our species could have easily become extinct along with so many others that were biologically much stronger than us?

So why didn't we perish? We couldn't outrun our food, and all in all we don't look one bit like those eating machines - sharks and crocks who don't really fuss over their menu. Besides, brains could have been only a very limited advantage in any of those primitive scenarios of survival - and yet, here we are.

Isn't this fact pointing at an amazing actual resilience and adaptability which might show us its full potential - if we just didn't keep screwing it up with our powerful thinking machine, powerful enough to alter our genome and make a bunch of pathetic sissies out of us?

Indeed, our ancestors would be turning in their graves seeing our fussing over every little aspect of our life, which we are calling something like "survival between two doctor's appointments" - because "sickness is a normal part of life".

Our Ancestors Survived a Hell  -  Leaving Their Brave Legacy in Our Genes
Our Ancestors Survived a Hell - Leaving Their Brave Legacy in Our Genes

With a Lower Brain to Keep Us Safe - and Also Stressed Out

Unlike our habits which may come and go, those records of previous generations are all neatly preserved in the archives of our genome. This "recording feature" is also present in our memory cells, as we could - under hypnosis - remember any tiniest detail of our past, like for example : what was mother cooking for dinner on our fourth birthday.

Isn't that cool? However, that's where our memory retrieving ability stops, because all data from our ancestors only stay as a biological potential, and our brain has no use for skills "how to outsmart a beast that finds us delicious".

Well, mind you, the primitive, lower brain is still processing our life situations, so that's why we have anxieties and worries - it's our primordial fight/flight survival mechanism that's recognizing our boss (sometimes a mother-in-law) as that threatening beast.

Imagine, all those records are somewhere within our genome's memory files. All those famines, volcanic eruptions, torrential rains and floods, all those forest fires and animals chasing us, pandemics and wars...every evil imaginable - it all made us strong enough to survive.

Please, don't start doubting it, now that I am having so much fun describing our adaptability and true resilience. Just think how some animals and marine creatures change their color or shape to camouflage themselves. Think how even flowers attract bees and other insects with their color, so that they spread their pollen around.

That same unseen intelligence has made us superior to all other creatures - not only by giving us brains but also this incredible default survival mechanism, with cells maintaining and healing themselves with such skill and precision that scientists are puzzled why we have to die at all.

When Our Cells Are in Defense Mode, They Shut Down Growing and Healing
When Our Cells Are in Defense Mode, They Shut Down Growing and Healing

We Are Either Healing or Defending

So, now you ask why we get sick if we are really so equipped for health and life. You see, unlike all creatures of the animal and plant kingdom, who have a life span preset in their genes, we are endowed with brain which can - and does - affect our cellular intelligence.

Our lowered vitality becomes a problem when we misuse that powerful machine, which is interpreting our dominant emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs as commands that are setting the level of our vitality.

Our body cells have basically two modes of functioning - one excluding the other in any given moment. Namely, they are either in the mode of growth and repair - or in the mode of defense. So, when we spend considerable time every day being pissed off at ourselves or the world, in all garden variety of that rosy disposition, we are shutting down the growth-repair mode.

We call it "stress", right?

Please, try to forget about your "genetic predispositions" to some sicknesses. If your mother was suffering from migraine headaches just like you, that means that you ate the same food your mother did, and got impressed by something about your mother which "kept your mother in your system".

I must have mentioned this peculiar case in another article, but I'll do it again. You know, after you pass 70, you are bound to start repeating yourself one way or another. So, let me mention this case of a woman with her multiple personality again.

As the story went, one of her personalities was extremely allergic to citrus fruits, and the other could eat all she wanted of it. Now, if we are talking a body's "predisposition", how could just a shift between personalities mean switching that predisposition on and off?

Can you see why I am ascribing such an enormous power to our mind?

Our Brain Has the Power to Literary Make Us or Break Us
Our Brain Has the Power to Literary Make Us or Break Us

Almost Scary How Powerful Mind Is

Indeed, thanks to our acquired convictions about our fragile health, we have somatized all those concerns. And even though the mainstream medicine still hesitates over true power of mind, they are increasingly getting all evidence about it - through the placebo effect and the well accepted phenomenon of psycho-somatic illnesses.

O.K., you are saying, so why do kids get sick since they are not exposed to this medical media of advertising the sickness. The answer would be a little more out of the jargon of everyday physics. Namely, kids pick up the energy vibrations from their environment just as readily as body cells do. Remember, they are little sponges for information forming their own "survival arsenal".

And just like cells do it, kids interpret unpleasant vibes as a signal to stop the growth mode. They are too young to have a developed psychological defense mechanism. Those negative vibes may come in any form, it doesn't have to be a discord between parents.

On a deeper level, we are energy beings. What happens in our hearts and minds generates a distinct frequency which spreads out into our environment. What do you think why depressed or anxious people instinctively avoid crowds and noisy places? Because their system can't process impressive sensory input coming in form of noise, commotion, and those "tsunamis" of waves vibrations produced by people.

What meets the eye is nothing comparing to those invisible conditions that we are daily exposed to. When we don't maintain a good stress management - our vitality suffers.

Those Unfriendly, Uninviting and Cold Streets Make for a "Flu Season"
Those Unfriendly, Uninviting and Cold Streets Make for a "Flu Season"

No Flu Season - Merely Blues Season

Can we see now what is our real available level of adaptability and resilience? It's enormously strong, and with all that treasure of survival skills recorded in our genes from our ancestors - we don't even have to run up the tree from a lion chasing us, or drink filthy water in which an elephant just took a bath.

In other words, we don't have to do much to "make" ourselves healthy - but rather "allow" it, step out of the way with our crazy concerns over germs and the rest.

We constantly inhale flu germs, there is no such a thing as "flu season". It's only that our mood automatically goes down with more clouds over our heads, and we start vibrating at a lower frequency, resulting with our immune system being less active than usual. Everything is interconnected in our body, and some of those connections are in physical form of nerves, while others are more subtle and energetic.

There is more of serotonin - that "feel-good" neurotransmitter produced in our guts than in our brain. So it stands as true when they say that "when you are sad, your big toe is sad as well".

Thus, let us give it a little thought, and the next time we hear all those pathetic stories about our fragile health - let us be a little on guard not to take it seriously, because we truly are much more resilient and adaptable than we think.

Hey, I am not suggesting that you stop seeing your doctor; but between those check-ups you may try to think more about yourself as enjoying a vibrant health and strength. Who knows, maybe your good doctor will tell you one day what mine told me at my last visit some 8 years ago: "I don't know what you are doing, but keep doing it."


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    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 6 weeks ago from Canada

      Mary---I am glad you liked it. Yes, we don't have a slightest idea how powerful our mind is---in both directions, positive and negative.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 6 weeks ago from Ontario, Canada

      Enjoyed your hub and I do agree about the power of the mind and how stress beats us.

    • rebelogilbert profile image

      Gilbert Arevalo 14 months ago from Hacienda Heights, California

      Very good hub on our ability to adapt to changing conditions in our environment, nice historical review, and point-of-view from present day personal account.

    • Readmikenow profile image

      Readmikenow 14 months ago

      Enjoyed reading your insights.