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How Staying Positive Helps You Stay Sober

Updated on March 17, 2012


If you are a person that has an addiction to alcohol and wants to get sober and stay sober then here is how staying positive helps you stay sober. I would imagine many people reading this may think I am crazy, but the truth of the matter is that having a positive attitude in life can and will work wonders on things you wish to achieve in your life including sobriety.

One of the things is finding your sobriety. Getting sober and remaining sober is a tough thing for many alcoholics. Getting sober for a week or two is great, but you have to stay sober long term in order for recovery to make a difference in your life.

Imagine if you wanted to get sober and you were doing find, but in the back of your mind something was telling you that staying sober is too hard and you don't think you will be able to do this for too much longer.

The negativity is coming out of you and you are not giving yourself a far chance towards long term sobriety. What you have to do is to continue each and everyday to stay positive about what you are trying to do and that is to get sober and stay sober forever. Our minds and our inner demons and messing with your head and trying their hardest to make this transition from being addicted to alcohol to having a clean and sober life be impossible. You Can Not let this happen under no circumstances.


By thinking positive all the time will help you in achieving what you have set out to do. Being and thinking negative will get you no where fast. People that think in a negative way have nothing to look forward to in life except being down in the dumps. I can't imagine how anything would work out in someone's life if they live each day being negative. I may be wrong, but I don't think so.

You have to be positive about your life and tell yourself that whatever you wish to do, whether it be building a house or getting sober you need to continue to tell yourself that you can and will do it. Nothing should ever stand in your way of getting and staying sober, if that is what you truly want in your life. You have to think positive that you will do this and give sobriety 110 percent of your self.

Start planning for your new life of sobriety by thinking of all those things that you couldn't do when you were drinking alcohol, such as just packing up and taking a day trip at the spare of the moment. You need not worry now that you were drinking and could not take that day trip because you have already started to drink alcohol hours earlier and fear to drive a automobile being drunk. At least I hope you wouldn't drink and drive, but many drinkers do.

That was one of my problems especially on a weekend. Noon time or sometimes before noon the beer started to flow. My wife wanted to just take a ride just to get out of the house for a few hours, but that wouldn't be possible because of me and my drinking. The one option would of been for her to drive, but that wasn't my option because that would mean I would have to stop drinking and the buzz I had would be lost. So we stayed home or she just went out without me. Thinking about that now being sober, it is pretty pitiful to say the least.

What a way to live your life right? Now that I am sober I can do anything I wish and go anywhere I wish at any time of the day or night without worrying about anything.

I my eyes right now as I am writing this and getting madder and madder at myself by the actions I chose before all else. Drinking alcohol or I should say, "abusing alcohol" sucks. It will ruin every part of your life and anyone associated with your life if you let it.

Make positive changes in your life and stick to them especially when it comes to getting sober. As for me, staying positive does help me to stay sober and that is the way my life is now, so get positive and get sober. You will never be sorry you did!



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