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How Stressed-Out Are You?

Updated on December 27, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who worked with challenged clients. She loves to share her experience in the mental health field with you!

Personally Seek Professional Counsel, If You Shun Your Friends and Family.
Personally Seek Professional Counsel, If You Shun Your Friends and Family. | Source

Stress Is Unavoidable So, You Must Deal with It Right.

How you react to an unpleasant situation has the power to make you ill and unbalanced. Do you find yourself pulling out your hair or biting your nails when you're nervous? Are you mad a lot? Do you hate your job? Does life seem like you have too much to do? Are you gaining weight or losing pounds out of the blue? Well, you are not alone; millions of Americans suffer from stress and stress-related disorders.

Stress creates the best breeding ground for illness. It's the cause of most major illnesses. Stress will affect your digestion and respiration. It causes oxidative stress and builds up carbon monoxide in your blood, which break your body’s nutritional reserves, even further.

Over eighty percent of all illnesses are first triggered by a bout of stressful circumstances. Some of the culprits are too much pressure, deadlines at work, financial obligations, encounters with noise, crowds, pain, traffic, family issues, lack of sleep, smoking, drinking alcohol, the birth of a child, and, etc. Stress creates a physical, mental and emotional stimulus that can upset your body’s natural balance, and it leads to chemical imbalances that can put your immune system into overdrive.

You Must Defuse Your Stress

It's important to learn how to defuse your stress and to discern your stress triggers before your temper gets the best of you. There are simple and effective ways to do this, first, you must recognize what your stress triggers are, and quickly know how to calm down.

If you are sick, learning to distress your nerves by finding ways to relax will help you feel better. Your body will start a healing process that may lead to a complete reversal of your illness altogether.

Progressive relaxation is helpful for people suffering from the effects of stress. Tightening and relaxing major muscle groups one at a time will help get rid of tension?

First, start at your feet and work up to your face, head, and shoulders. Tighten your toes and feet and breathe for ten seconds, then release. Feel the refreshing sensation and feel your stress melting away. Next move up to your legs, arms, and chest, tighten and release. When you do this before bedtime, you'll fall into a deeper and more relaxed slumber.

If You're Argumentative, STOP

Realize the less you sleep the more stressed out you'll be. Lack of sleep starts a vicious cycle that can lead to a psychiatric breakdown with a dramatic wear and tear on your nervous system.

If you are argumentative, STOP, you'll need to listen more and talk less. Except, this does not mean you should bottle up your feelings. There is a way to speak gently and effectively to get your point across without screaming, cursing and degrading others. Cool off, calm down and take time off. Speak in a loving and caring way by putting others on a pedestal.

Use your weekends to listen to your favorite music, watch a funny movie, read, go to the beach, shop, or enjoy a long walk by a lake. Speak positively to yourself and don’t put yourself down. Your internal conversations have the power to make you nervous and to keep you stressed and upset. Keeping your feelings bottled up will cause them to resurface as an illness later, not to mention shun or alienate your friends too. Cry if you need to, and release pent-up feelings of anxiety as soon as you recognize them.

How to Stop Being in Stress Mode?

Laughter Alleviates Stress

Your stress will build up over time; therefore, you must find ways to curb your stress. Take time out for you and treat yourself to a nutritional dinner packed with nutrients every day.

Drink teas that defuse emotions such as bilberry, Ginkgo Biloba, chamomile, valerian, kava kava, passion-flower, and hops. Avoid caffeine and processed foods with artificial sweeteners. These foods are notorious for creating unnecessary stress.

Laugh and don't take life too seriously. Avoid hassles and eliminate stressful situations from your life. If you cannot handle the stress in your life, and it becomes unmanageable, despite exercising and trying to eat right, consider seeking professional counseling.

Remember to see a professional counselor, if you begin to shun your friends and family or feel worthless.

Nothing Is Worth Getting Stressed Out Over!

Can You Stop Stressing and Start Engaging?

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 5 years ago from Florida

    Thank you Funom,

    Everyone needs to be reminded to not allow stress to dictate their lives!

  • Funom Makama 3 profile image

    Funom Theophilus Makama 5 years ago from Europe

    Excellent tips and I just cannot agree less.

  • stillwaters707 profile image

    stillwaters707 5 years ago from Texas

    Thanks for the tips. I need to speak positively to myself and drink more teas, like chamomile. I've already had digestive issues a few times. I also stopped wasting time arguing with people. Helpful hub!