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Get Your Groove Through Group Fitness Classes!

Updated on June 26, 2019
Katy Phun profile image

Katy has been a committed RPM instructor for about 3 years now.


3 Steps To Get Started

Let’s face it, the majority of us (if not all) want to get fit and stay healthy. So, we have made the first step by joining a sophisticated commercial gym, but what’s next?

Follow these 3 practical steps to get started:

1. Don’t be afraid to go to the gym by yourself!

Hey, if you can get through this stage, you are off to a great start by saving yourself all the excuses for not being able to work out as much as you want to.

2. Join a group fitness class in the gym and borrow the energy from other gym enthusiasts to help with your work out!

Joining a group fitness class in a gym is a super effective way for you to get fit, practically and financially. There would be no need to spend further for a personal trainer at the gym (although it is also a good option if you have the extra to spend and that you are committed to it). There would be no need to feel overwhelmed by those complicated-looking machines at the gym too!

Look, if your goal of going to the gym is to get fit by joining one of the group fitness classes, you would not have to be afraid to go to the gym by yourself anymore! And…YES, look out for some tips for an enjoyable group fitness workout experience below.

3. Identify a few of your favorite group fitness classes and stay committed to them!

For an effective and purposeful work out, it would be best to identify a few of your favorite group fitness classes and stay committed to them. As much as we want to do everything and maximize your gym membership (now that you know…), there is only so much our body and mind can absorb. Thus, pick your favorite classes and you will not have to feel the drag to work out down the road.

Pick a few of your favorite classes and stay committed to them!

Tips For An Enjoyable Group Fitness Workout Experience (keep it simple and light)

Tip #1:

Enwrap yourself with appropriate and comfortable workout attire (dry fit material, sports bra (for ladies), socks and sports shoes).

Other essentials: face towel (if you’d prefer your own), water bottle.

Tip #2:

Arrive early at the class (preferably 5-10 minutes earlier), especially if you are joining the class for the first time and that the class requires equipment setup (the gym shall provide it).

By arriving early, you will enable the group fitness instructor to guide you through proper equipment setup. Do not be shy to ask for help. This will definitely set the tone for the rest of your workout! Remember: [Safety First, Fun Later].

Tip #3:

Follow through instructions throughout the class and let your body move together with the music (if applicable)! Instructions are key in a group fitness class. We do not wish to sustain an injury or leave a fitness class feeling undone.

Also, get motivated by the energy surrounding you (YES…from the other gym enthusiasts in the same class as yours!). The energy will be much more motivating than when you are working out by yourself!

Above all else, don’t be shy to take a break mid-class if you are exhausted. Know your limits: Safety First, Fun Later.

Group Fitness Starter

Exercise Types
Equipment Needed (Y/N)
LesMills RPM
Low impact, high intensity indoor cycling workout with great music.
LesMills BodyPump
Barbell workout to get toned.
LesMills BodyCombat
Non-contact martial-arts inspired workout.
LesMills BodyJam
Just dance with the latest music.

Since I am a LesMills RPM instructor myself, above are some well-known group fitness classes that are available in most commercial gyms for your reference as a starter. For more detailed information, check out

That's me in action. hair is short now.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Katy Phun


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