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How To Attract Bed Bugs To Your Home And Stop Climate Change.

Updated on May 25, 2014

Scientists agree that helping to incrementally return mankind to our natural ecology will ease the inevitable effects of climate change and global warming.

Scientists say that there maybe no better way to ease climate change then to incrementally return humans to their natural ecology. Bed bugs may be the answer. Attracting bed bugs to your home should be high on your list of environmental objectives. Bed bugs have an unfair reputations as pests. They are as important to the natural human ecology as earthworms to good soil. Bed bugs help humans who might unwillingly ingest genetically modified foods by stimulating the immune system. People who have developed a lasting relationship with a bed bug community in their bed rooms know that bed bugs inspire good dreams while they give a gentle meditation massage to the entire body. Most bed bug believers also cultivate body lice and head lice at home to increase the benefits to the local human ecology. Getting bed bugs to colonize your home is not easy because bed bugs are highly selective about which people they are willing to live with. You have to be kind to them and inviting. You cannot just put out a sign in front of your home asking bedbugs to move in.

Ways to start your own bed bug colony is to ask your children to host sleepovers especially children removed from school because of head lice by school staff that does not understand the obvious benefits of having them. If this does not work consider inviting homeless people to nap on your bed that way you can both do a good deed for someone who is homeless. A trip to Europe staying in one to five star hotels is another method of getting exposed. Otherwise just order bed bugs online and have them shipped out to you. Acme Bed Bugs has some of the best ones you can buy, far raised, they are cultivated to be larger than average with more intense helpful properties.

Bed bugs help to reduce your carbon foot print by helping you lose weigh incrementally. They can also help prevent flatulence , a major cause of global climate change. AS the popularity of having bed bug bugs is increasing demand. You could pay over $1500 to have your home populated or you can do what it takes to introduce them yourself.


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