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How To Avoid A Crash And Burn When Alcohol Is Running Your Life

Updated on July 21, 2014

Everyone wants to avoid that crash and burn in life whether it is racing cars, racing drag boats, flying jets or just about anything that could have the possibility of disaster.

There is one thing that could have that crash and burn effect in life and that's when alcohol or drug addiction starts to take over your life and others as well.

That really doesn't sound as dangerous as racing those cars, drag boats or flying those super fast jets, or does it? Oh yes, it is certainly a dangerous thing to be addicted to alcohol or drugs and if not taken care of and confronted, you will over time crash and burn and your feet would have never left the ground.

Lets try to figure out how to avoid a crash and burn when alcohol is running your life.

Many people, or should i say people that are addicted to alcohol, think they are indestructible and think they will live forever even though they are harming themselves and their families with each tilt of the glass or bottle.

Alcohol, if not drank responsibly will make you crash and burn in you life ahead. You won't see it coming because those horrible alcohol demons that now have control of the wheel and your life sneak up on us very very slowly until the time is just right for them to crash your life and burn you to the ground taking everything and everyone right down with you.

Yea, I know, I kind of go overboard when it come to things regarding alcohol, but I feel deep in my heart that the way I write and what I write about will hopefully sink into someones mind and they may then realize this addiction can and will take the life right out of you and without far warning.

Rolling the Dice

Don't Do It !

The Outcome of a Bad Roll of the Dice

These pictures should pretty much tell the story of just how much alcohol can ruin ones life if you don't have the willpower to say NO or the strength to say I have had enough.

It is the true meaning of crash and burn. These horrible demons will get the best of you one way or another. They also have the power to harm your health in many different ways. They have the power to seek and destroy and they have the power to kill without one regret.

Don't let this horrible addiction run or ruin your life. Be strong and stand up to these addictions, and if you do drink, do it responsible and not overdue it.

I always wondered back in my drinking alcohol days, how someone could have one or two drinks and call it the night? I figure what fun is that not even getting a slight buzz or anything. What is the use of drinking if you only have a couple of drinks? Man, was I ever wrong.

That's how alcohol controlled me and my mind, and thinking about all that now I was a very stupid person to knock or down those people that had a hell of a lot more sense that I had. They knew when enough was enough and it was never enough for me until I reached the high I was out to get, day after day, week after week and so on.


  • I looked at my life and were is was at that moment.
  • I looked into my future if I were to continue drinking alcohol.
  • I saw the end was near and may have a chance of losing everything.
  • I looked in the mirror and asked the person starring back at me, "Who ARE YOU?"
  • i didn't like what I saw and I did something about it real fast.
  • I admitted to myself and everyone else that I was in denial and I needed to surrender.
  • I picked my sober date and stuck to it.
  • I began to start thinking positive things and changing my outlook on life in general.
  • I saw that I was getting larger and my bank account getting smaller.
  • I began to plan for all those dreams and goals I had to become a reality.
  • I had to face the fact that whatever I did, I would always hold the title of an alcoholic.
  • I also had to be okay with never being able to pick up an alcoholic drink ever again.

All of these things made me realize that life could be better if i only would change and that's exactly what I did and I will never regret being clean and sober. It is such a wonderful feeling to finally have sobriety back into my life and my families life as well.

I guess what I'm trying to tell everyone is that never give up on yourself and believe in yourself and tell yourself that you don't need this addiction to have fun, and kick it to the side of the road and never look back. You won't be sorry you did, believe me. Sobriety will indeed change your life in such a way that you will think to yourself why you even got started being addicted to alcohol.

Think long and hard and look at your life and all those that are involved in it. You decide whether you want to live a happy and rewarding life, or crash and burn from a avoidable addiction to alcohol.


Drinking and Driving

© 2011 Mark Bruno


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