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How to Relieve Allergies and Symptoms- 10 Toddlers and Allergies Relief Tips

Updated on December 15, 2013

Children Allergy and Illness Relief In The Household?

Children are our future and if even one is harmed, sick or missing we hurt. Many know a simple thing as an allergy can cause a child to lose the since of well being and miss precious time from the joys of childhood.

Not to mention the stress and worry we go through as caretakers. It is very important for us to realize that we are responsible for allergy relief in our own household.

What Causes Children Allergy And Illnesses?

Of course there are many things that can cause illnesses such as illnesses that our children are predisposed to from their bloodline. But what I want to bring to your attention is the harmful elements we have in our households and what we can do right now to help.

  • Stop smoking in the house.
  • Pull up the old carpets.
  • Wash the drapes.
  • Give you pet another home.
  • Change laundry detergent.

Before we bring our new baby home we disinfects the rooms with hazardous products that are meant to prevent allergies and germs.We use our home as a haven of comfort and mistakenly turn it into a world of unexplained childhood common illness and infant respiratory issues.

Believe it or not ; the very things we depend on everyday are whats bringing our children's and our health into a questionable state. Have you ever wondered why your child sneezes or coughs or is not feeling well without just cause? I urge you to look around your house for these items that can be causing health issues and allergies in your home.

Children Allergy and Illnesses Causes

  • bug sprays
  • air fresheners
  • cleaning sprays/products
  • cigarettes
  • perfume
  • computers
  • air conditioner
  • wheat
  • weeds
  • smog

The list goes on and on, especially when you add food allergies. There are institutes that have tested household dust and have found elements of these products in the dust which is breathed in everyday. To a child this can mean infant respiratory defects and childhood allergies.

Of course some of these items may seem irreplaceable to you and some may seem like a challenge. But the solution can be as simple as changing filters, using organic cleaning products and turning your home into a smoke free environments. Your children's health is worth it.

10 Ways To Reduce Allergy Symptoms

  1. Wash curtains monthly/seasonally. The accumulated dust can cause allergic reactions.
  2. Use allergen free detergents.
  3. Change filters in heating and cooling systems.
  4. Stop all smoking in your house, immediately.
  5. Buy allergy free carpet. Kicking up carpet fabric can add to breathing issues.
  6. Remove outside shoes. Outdoor poisons come in on our shoes.
  7. Change Air Conditioner/heating filters. Dust mites live in our vents and travel through the air.
  8. Anti Allergy Mattress Cover. Mites live in our mattresses and is breathed in.
  9. Air purifier. The lack of one will leave your infant or children at risk without clean air.
  10. Good vacuum cleaner with hepa filter.

I think the best thing a family can do is to research a great air purifier to clean the air. Dust is something we have to learn to view in a different light. It is dangerous to breath in for our infants and children with their developing lungs.

We can change the products we use and be more conscious of the side effects of dust to insure our babies and children develop healthy lungs and enjoy their childhoods. Cutting down on infant illnesses and childhood allergies start with one change at a time.

Do your part to reduce your child's allergy symptoms and give them the gift of good health and you can enjoy the gift of a good nights sleep.


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