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How To Be A Happy Person

Updated on July 7, 2008

How To Be A Happy Person


Living a happy, resilient and optimistic life is not only wonderful, but is also good for your health. Being happy actually protects you from the stresses of life. Stress is linked to top causes of death such as heart disease, cancer and stroke. To be happy is relatively easy, just decide to be a happy person. People have the power to choose to be happy, no matter how good or bad a situation is.

There are many ways by which you can do this.

- Being grateful is a great attitude. We can learn to be thankful for things that many of us usually take for granted. For example, you can thank the cook for a wonderful meal, thank the taxi driver who drives you home safely or simply thank God for being alive.

- Having a religious connection is also recommended. Being part of a religious group with its singing, sacraments, chanting, prayers and meditations help foster inner peace.

- Laugh and laugh heartily everyday. Heard a good joke? Tell your friends or family about it. As they say, 'Laughter is the best medicine'. Being happy can do wonders to your mind and body.

- Learn to express your feelings, affections, friendship and passion to people around you. They will most likely reciprocate your actions. Try not to keep pent up anger of frustrations as this is bad for your health. Find ways of expressing them in a way that will not cause more injury or hurt to anyone.

- Whenever you feel disgruntled or unhappy over certain matters, or feels that life is unfair to you, learn to count your blessings. There are many more unfortunate people who are much worse off than you in this world.

- Working hard brings tremendous personal satisfaction. It gives a feeling of being competent in completing our tasks. Accomplishments are necessary, as they give us a sense of value. Work on things that you feel are worthy of your time.

- Avoid exposure to negative elements like loud noises, toxins and hazardous places.

- Try and learn something new everyday. Learning also makes us expand and broaden our horizons and could also give us more opportunities in the future.

These are just some of the things you can do everyday to be happy. As Abraham Lincoln once said, "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."


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    • HappyMikeWritter profile image

      HappyMikeWritter 4 years ago

      Thank you for sharing such great advice. Your article inspire me. voted up!

    • Venus Cow profile image

      Shirley Yanez 6 years ago from UK

      Learning how to be happy is a skill worth mastering but it does take time, patience and commitment to get centred and really feel happy all the time. It all comes down to desire, how much you want it and being open and prepared to recognise you have to change.

    • profile image

      Adilene 7 years ago

      this is so true be gratefull for what you got!!!

    • profile image

      Zohremasoomi  7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing ....