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How To Be A More Patient Person

Updated on February 16, 2015

Patience is a virtue. It is something that we are either instilled with or have to learn how to develop. Having patience in life will help you to become a more peaceful person and it may help you to be more at ease with yourself and others. Here are a few ways that you can try to help yourself develop more patience.


If a person is bothering you and you feel that you are losing your patience with them, try to picture yourself in that person's shoes. Try to understand the reasoning behind their behavior. For example, if someone in front of you is driving too slow and you are getting frustrated and losing your patience, then stop yourself and think of the reasons why this person may be driving slower. It may be an elderly person who is trying to be cautious on the road. It could be a person who is lost and does not know the area too well. Try to become more understanding and you may develop more patience with people.

Do Not Take Everything Personal

If someone has done something that has made you upset or angry, maybe they did not intentionally do it to hurt you, but you might still feel that you are going to lose your cool. Sometimes people have bad days and they take it out on everyone around them. If you try to think of the reasoning behind someone's behavior then you might be able to be more calm and patient about it. Especially since you know that they are not personally attacking you. If you know someone is having a bad day, try to either stay away from that person until they calm down or offer to listen to them and let them vent about their day. Try not to take everything as a personal attack on you.


Think about what might happen if you lose your patience. Think about what consequences may occur if you had lost your patience and ended up possibly doing something that you will later regret. Keep your patience, calm down and take a deep breath before you lose it. Then when you look back at the situation, you will feel better that you had kept your cool and have nothing to regret or apologize for later. Sometimes there can be some pretty bad consequences when someone loses their patience and acts on impulse.


Practice peacefulness either by meditating, doing yoga or listening to peaceful music. Peaceful people are usually more patient people. Try to do things that will relax your mind, body and spirit and you may see that you are able to handle life's obstacles easier with more patience.


Take a deep breath and then count backwards starting with ten and working your way down. It might put you in a more relaxed state to quietly count backwards. It may help to distract your mind and help you to calm down more when you feel that you are about to lose your patience.


Being impatient may cause you to experience more negative feelings. If you think about this, realize that being a more patient person, you may be able to add more happiness, joy, peacefulness and love into your life. You may be able to enjoy things more and take life as it comes. Being impatient can cause anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, fear and other negative feelings. Don't let negativity ruin your life. The more patient that you are, the more you may experience more positive feelings.

People Make Mistakes

People make mistakes. The world is not perfect. You will or have made mistakes and other people will too. It is a part of life and if you learn to accept this about yourself and other people, you will learn to have more patience when dealing with others. If other people cause you to lose your patience, take a moment to realize that everyone has flaws and things will happen that you may not like. However, if you develop more patience, then you will be able to handle your relationships with people better.

Distract Yourself

It is hard for some people to stand in a long line or wait for a long time in a doctor's office without getting frustrated and losing their patience. You must realize that some doctor's offices have emergencies and that they are not able to see you at the exact time of your appointment. Do things to distract yourself, such as reading, playing a game on your phone or talk to a stranger. If you are religious, say a prayer. Keep your mind occupied if you can, but if not, remind yourself that things happen and you may not always be first in line for everything.

Go With The Flow

Remember the saying "Good things come to those who wait." Good things may come easier to those have patience. What good can come out of being impatient? If you learn to live life by going with the flow and having a more easygoing approach to handling life, then you may be able to attain a better state of mind. This may help you to attract more good things into your life. You might at least be at peace with yourself and other people. You will probably have healthier relationships and be able to cope with stress better than before. Learn to develop more patience and you will see how much better you feel when you can keep yourself calm, cool and collected.


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