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How To Be Happier In Life

Updated on May 2, 2013

Live Happy!

If you are wondering where to find happiness in life, just look in the mirror!
If you are wondering where to find happiness in life, just look in the mirror! | Source

What is happiness in life?

You may have wondered exactly what it means to be happy. This is a question lots of people ask themselves. What does it take to be happy? You may be surprised to know that recent research has actually uncovered some excellent ways you can boost your happiness quotient. Here are some great tips on how to be happier in life.

How do I find happiness?

Quit your job! As the world becomes smaller and smaller thanks to the internet and other fast, easy and free communication methods, more and more people are choosing to work at home and reporting an increased level of happiness. The fact of the matter is, people who work at home are generally more content regardless of the fact that they usually don’t earn as much as they might at a job. Lowered expenses and lower levels of stress more than make up for this.

If you are wondering how to get happiness in life, don't take on too many obligations. In today’s hectic world, we often feel obligated to do all kinds of things. Take an inventory of your life and determine which tasks you must do, which ones you might delegate and which are actually not at all necessary. Don’t let others make you feel obliged to take on their responsibilities. You will be much happier with a lighter load.

Make positive choices!

Don’t engage in mindless chit-chat and gossip. You don’t have to listen to others talk trash, and you certainly don’t have to do it yourself. You will be happier in life and more relaxed if you can have content rich conversations that have actual meaning and avoid the drama of empty talk.

If you are wondering how to be happier with your life, just keep your life positive. Surround yourself with positive people and create a pleasant and positive environment in your home and workplace. Avoid situations that drain your energy and leave you feeling depleted.

Put your regrets into perspective. Mulling over lost chances and ended experiences can only make you sad. When you think of a time that ended sadly, try to refocus your thoughts to some aspect of the overall experience that was happy. Stay with that for a few moments and then redirect your thoughts to the present and the next great opportunity for happiness that awaits you.

Do happy things!

Learn how to cook! Instead of wolfing down fast food or buying quick and easy processed foods, take the time to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources and whole grains. Take up baking and cooking and feed yourself well. Eat a balanced and healthy diet and enjoy each and every bite. Sit at the table, eat from a plate and use cutlery. Feeding yourself well and enjoying the fruits of your labor will leave you satisfied, healthy and happy.

Avoid being a couch potato. Be sure to get at least 15 or 20 minutes of some kind of exercise every day. Take a walk or swim, dance around your house, do some yoga or ride a bike. All of these activities support good circulation and overall health and boost endorphin levels to help you feel happy.

Appreciate the fact that you are maturing. One very nice thing about maturing is that the emotional roller coaster many people ride seems to slow down and level out. Life is calmer and sweeter in later years, and that’s a happy fact you can look forward to.



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    • SallyTX profile image

      Sally Branche 4 years ago from Only In Texas!

      That's very true! A lot of fair weather friends can really add an element of stress to anyone's life! ;D

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

      Cutting out the negative people and looking for ways to reduce stress have both worked wonders for me. It's not the number of friends that count but the quality.

    • SallyTX profile image

      Sally Branche 4 years ago from Only In Texas!

      Yes, I love it! It's easy to live a better quality of life for less when you don't have to get out and drive around every day! Thanks for commenting and voting!

    • jtrader profile image

      jtrader 4 years ago

      You're right about working from home. Avoiding long lines of traffic in the morning is just one of the benefits! Voted up and interesting!

    • SallyTX profile image

      Sally Branche 4 years ago from Only In Texas!

      Thanks! ;D

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 4 years ago from India

      Negativity in life can be dangerous and if you are surrounded by negative people you can not be happy. As my very close friend said that we all wait for big happy news whole our life yet we over look small happiness everyday which can really make us happy. Also you are right when you say get some exercise because a sick person can never be really happy. Very good hub. Voted up and awesome.

    • SallyTX profile image

      Sally Branche 4 years ago from Only In Texas!

      Many thanks, Esther! I'm glad you liked the article! ;D

    • Esther  Strong profile image

      Esther Strong 4 years ago from UK

      Good advice about not taking on too much responsibility. We have to learn that we have a right to say NO. Thanks for sharing.

    • SallyTX profile image

      Sally Branche 4 years ago from Only In Texas!

      Thanks ladies! Yep, it is very hard not to agonize over lost friends, but you are absolutely right! A few true friends who've really "got your back" beats a bunch of wishy-washy so-and-so's who'll cut and run at the first sign of trouble any day! ;D

    • catgypsy profile image

      catgypsy 4 years ago from the South

      Wonderful hub Sally! I have weeded out a lot of the negative people in my life, and while I don't have as many friends as I used to, I discovered they weren't really friends at all. I'd rather have one good friend than a dozen "fair weather" friends.

      I like to cook and you are right about sitting down and having a proper meal. It makes you feel so much better. All the tips were great!

    • stephanieb27 profile image

      stephanieb27 4 years ago from United States

      Great hub! Over the years we have weeded out all the negative people in our life and as a family, we couldn't be happier! :)