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How To Be Posotive

Updated on January 13, 2018

7 Things To Be Positive About

1: stress releasing forget about stress try to calm yourself challenge your mind you can do it!

2: thinking point of view think from a different point of view try to visualize a totally different situation under stressful or bulky conditions. this will help you to calm your mind and you will have the ability to understand the situation in a better way also it will lower cortosil (stress harmone) levels ultimately this will help you conquer the situation and trick your mind into thinking that everything's fine.

3: fighting negativity the best step towards being positive is to make situation where your mind fights the negative side and blends you into positive side of imagination

4: trick you mind try to visualize a heaven like situation or try to imagine the place where you would like to be or in a place where it is peace and quiet it will lower your heartbeat and cortosil

5: positive means happy try to be happy less thinking more reactions help you laugh a good company and interacting with healthy people helps to nourish your positive side

6: simply observant observation of your surroundings and thinking more with your mind helps you to get a good idea of conversations and helps to groom your mind's positive aspect

7: half filled half empty always think of things from a positive point of view always find life and logic in things being reasonable and responsible about what you do and observing like a pro will help you accomplish your goals.

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only way to get out of a situation like a man is to get out as a winner


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