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How To Boost Weight Loss - 5 Fat Loss Tricks You Need To Know

Updated on November 6, 2014

I am going to show you how to boost weight loss with 5 top tricks that you can start to apply immediately and more importantly get real results. At some point in your weight loss programme you are very likely to plateau or even go off your plan and start to regain body fat.

This is seriously frustrating and can sabotage your long term goals because you are not getting your desired results. From my experience it doesn’t matter how you are trying to lose weight at some point a plateau will be hit. This is why I came up with a back up plan for my clients to turn to as soon as this happens.

Make a note in your food journal of all these 5 tricks and use them asap accordingly as and when to get you back on track. They all work when applied correctly yet you can tailor each one to your own specific likes and dislikes.

How To Boost Weight Loss Tricks

Trick # 1 – Protein and water only for 3 days. This trick will overcome any fat loss plateau you are on. As bodybuilders in the 1980’s we used this method close to contest time to burn off the last bit of excess fat we were carrying. Yes, it is quite an extreme way to eat and drink for 3 days but if you can survive it then the results are fantastic.

I recommend that you take plenty of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients during your 3 day period to make sure your body gets all its needed nutrient value. Your source of protein should come from lean white meat, tuna in water and egg whites. If you live a hectic lifestyle then add in a couple of protein shakes made with water as well for convenience.

Personally I tend to do this once a month for 2 -3 days, usually at the beginning of the month as a detox for my system. If it’s something you also wish to do then I recommend starting your 3 day stint following a high calorie, junk food cheat day for best results.

Trick # 2 – Cheat day every 7th day. Once your body has been dieting for a long period of time then the hormone “leptin” recognises this and starts to hold onto your fat. Leptin is your anti-starvation hormone that protects your body from losing too much fat.

By having a high calorie and junk food day every 7 days (with portion control!) then you will boost your leptin levels and “trick” your body into thinking it is not on a diet anymore. Mentally this will keep you on track too because it means you can look forward to eating and drinking your favourite pizza and chocolates every week.

Majority of people save this cheat eating for the weekend when they are out socially with friends or family. If you do not wish to do this all in one day then 2 half days work just as well. As long as you stick to the 90% - 10% rule then it will work. Just cheat eat 10% of your meals every week.

How To Boost Weight Loss Video

Trick # 3 – Eat and drink negative calorie foods only for 7 days. Not only will you boost your fat loss with this trick but you will feel energised too. The foods within this group consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains so they are all natural whole foods.

You have probably noticed that there are no meats, dairy or fish in the list. Taking a week off from these foods won’t kill you so just enjoy what nature intended and you’ll see amazing results.

To add some flavour to this plan I recommend adding herbs, spices and seasoning. You can get creative with your dishes and if you do some research on You Tube there are 100’s of videos with tasty recipes.

I personally love to make a variety of different fruit smoothies as part of my negative calorie plan when I go on one. They make a convenient, tasty breakfast or a meal/snack on the go too.

How To Boost Weight Loss Video

Trick # 4 – Exercise twice a day. Nothing works better to turbo charge your metabolism than exercising twice a day. Your metabolic rate will be raised if you workout in the morning yet it will only stay that way for a few hours afterwards. By adding in a second session in the evening you will boost your metabolism again PLUS burn twice as many calories daily than if you train just once a day.

This is a win-win situation for you with the boost in metabolism and extra calories burned. If you burn 200 calories in your 2nd session then over 6 days that equates to an extra 1,200 calories per week, plus the extra metabolic rate boost.

I recommend if you have a fat loss plateau then use this method for 6 days straight and watch that scale start to nose dive again!

How To Boost Weight Loss Videos

Trick # 5 – Switch from long steady state cardio sessions to HIIT. Long sessions of steady state cardio have their place in the world of fat loss. But if you wish to turbo charge your weight off with these “how to boost weight loss” tricks then add high intensity interval training (HIIT) to your list.

First of all you will cut down your cardio sessions by half. Secondly you will burn more calories in the process. Research shows that not only will you burn more calories while doing your work out but your metabolism will be in overdrive for hours afterwards. Some studies show that you can burn fat up to 3 - 5 times faster by training like this!

This kind of exercising does not have to be confined to the gym. I personally apply it when I’m swimming my laps and it works great for running, cycling even walking for those of you who love the great outdoors.

If you are not used to HIIT then take it slowly to build up your sprints, then over time you can cut down on your rest periods for some amazing results.

How To Boost Weight Loss Conclusion

Each of these tricks will work if you take them seriously and apply them consistently without cheating. The next time you hit a weight loss plateau or wish to be consistent in your fat loss journey then refer to these for a way of helping you achieve your goals.

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    • BarryCross profile image

      Barry Cross 6 years ago from York, UK

      Thanks for your positive feedback on the Hub sashas89 and glad you are taking advantage of your cheat days.

      Yes, it does sound counter-productive and so many people are scared to apply it because mentally it goes against the fat loss rules so to speak.

      You are right though, as long as portion control is adhered to then it does work like a charm. Cheers, Barry :)

    • sashas89 profile image

      sashas89 6 years ago from A Series of Tubes

      I can vouch for the 'cheat every 7th day' trick. It sounds counter-productive, but it works like a charm. The body needs its glycogen stores to be replenished.

      Great hub btw!