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How To Build Big Arms Add Size And Mass To Your Biceps Fast

Updated on September 29, 2012

When asked "show us your muscles" 10 times out of 10, guys will flex their biceps. Women will always see a guy with muscular arms as sexy and will be more attracted to them. Although big arms are not what women look for in a man, on first impressions arms definitely get noticed. The great thing about having muscular arms is that you can show them off all year round. Now the Popeye look is not that appealing so do not concentrate all your attention on your arms although a lot of gym rats do. Working your whole body has its benefits of giving all your muscles defination in areas that isolation lifting can not. Right so you want to add some size and mass to your arms pronto. You can achieve noticeble gains in a couple of weeks if you use these techniques. These techniques should always be use regardless of how quickly you want to gain muscle but many people do lift correctly putting a stop to any gains.

You also want to eat a healthy clean diet to increase results. To build muscle you need to increase your protein intake. You can do this by eating meat such as Chicken and Turkey and foods like egg whites and tuna. You can also increase your protein intake dramatically by having a protein shake, Whey Protein is the most common form of protein powder there is and is a must to build muscle.

This hub is written on the inclination that you already know what you should be eating to gain size and lean muscle. This is hub  on pure technique and some exercises that will help you and size to your arms. Lifting in the correct manner is paramount to lifting weights, throwing them about, swinging your body just to lift it is not only going to make you look stupid in the gym but can also cause serious injury not just to your ego. Lifting in the correct manner will dramatically increase growth in your muscles. Right so lets get down to it. Big arms will not only attract the fairer sexy but they will also help you move the screaming ladies out the way as you try to escape.

Right were looking to add size to the whole of your arms not just the bicep, if you do just train your biceps then you will put strain on your elbow and shoulder joints due to the uneven muscle development between the bicep and tricep.

Here some of the quickest mass building for arms.

Make sure you have warmed up with a light jog and make sure you stretch the muscles your about to train. Its good to do a couple of light sets to get the muscle warmed up.

Seated dumbell curl. Sit on an upright bench and have a weight that you will find difficult to lift on the tenth rep. You do not want to do more than 3 set and your weight should make you only be able to achieve 10 reps on the first set, 8 reps on the 2nd set and 6 reps on the 3rd set. 6th rep on the 3rd set really needs to test you. If you can lift it no problem then you need to be using a heavier weight. Seated dumbell curls are an excellet arm exercise as they force you to lift the weight correctly and also make you lift the weight with your arm straight at the beggining of the lift.

Barbell Curls With back against the wall: Barbells are great as they give you the opportunity to lift a heavier weight than whatr you 2 dumbell weights are combined. You can use a EZ bar if you would like but many say they can halt gains because of the way the change the muscle head your trying to build. ( Put your hand out in front of you and clench your fist with your palm facing the ceiling now look at your bicep now turn your fist 90 degress, see your bicep shape change ) Its best to use a straight bar to increase bicep peak. Try to do the same amount as reps and sets as before. Having your back against the wall stops any cheating and swinging. If you have a gym buddy have them stand in front of you if you have difficulty lifting the weight.

Standing Dumball Curls: This is where you want proper form, no swinging keep your elbow at your side and should always stay in the same position imagine it attached to your side. This as your last exercise will give you that last of burn and will really get your biceps on fire. Try to achieve the same amount of reps and sets in the first exercise.

If you can do more reps than stated, you are not building muscle to its fullest potential. To build muscle you need to lift heavy and for less reps but every rep should be performed with perfect form. Perfect form is what will get you your results quickly if dumble curl 20kgs sloppy but 15kg properly then you will see quicker results with lifting 15kg.

Another technique that accelerates results is squizing your muscle when its full contracted. So once your arm is nearly finishing its movement give your bicep a squeeze.

Do not worry about anyone else in the gym. If they are lifting heavier than you but you can see they are using every part of their body to lift that weiht they will not get anywhere. If you use proper form and a weight that tests you then with correct diet you will see results very fast. Creatine can give you instant results in size after one workout. Many top athletes use creatine as a supplement to increase size and recover quicker. If you are unsure if you should take creaatine then always consult your doctor and read the label.


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      vivek v Nandhan 3 years ago

      how to add mass in my body

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      aaquib khan 4 years ago

      i wanna make a big size off my biceps

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      Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Great hub which is well shared,thanks for sharing.