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How To Burn 1000 Calories a Day EASILY!

Updated on May 10, 2011

How to Burn 1000 Calories

Ever wonder how to burn 1000 calories? That is a BIG Question! Because burning 1000 calories is no easy task!!! 1000 calories is A LOT of work. To put this number in perspective, 1,000 would be the number of calories that you would eat in a LARGE SIZED BIG MAC EXTRA VALUE MEAL!!! IF YOU DRINK DIET COKE!! (Regular Coca-Cola would put ya to 1,350!) All this being said, I admire you for asking this question, and for looking for a way to CHALLENGE yourself. Even if you are just hoping to answer the how to lose 1000 calories question one day a week, its still impressive! Let me take the guesswork out of it for ya!

1000 Calories is a significant number mathematically as well. See, a single pound of body weight is equal to 3,500 calories. So, mathematically, if all other factors remain the same (assuming you are holding weight currently and not gaining weight on a weekly basis), burning 1000 calories a day would result in 2 pounds of weight loss in a week! So, making a goal of burning an extra 1000 calories a day could be a GREAT challenge for someone who is finding great success with their diet and exercise plan. If you are just starting, I would recommend starting with a more manageable goal, take a look at my hub focused on burning 500 calories instead.

I have built the below chart as a starting place for understanding EXACTLY how much effort it would take daily in order to know how to burn 1000 calories a day. I tried to choose a variety of tasks, some fun and some standard exercises for your reference. This chart should give you a good feeling to how much effort this will take.

How to Burn 1000 Calories Chart


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    • profile image

      nidhi 5 years ago

      Thanks for this information and chart, i am going to start this today .

    • profile image

      Dalton 5 years ago

      A lot of websites have been saying it's an amazing impressive feat to burn 1000 calories. It really motivates me since I have been burning around 1500 everyday for the past week +muscle training

    • profile image

      what? 5 years ago

      i can't seem to view the chart. i could look at it before but now it won't open up for me to view it

    • profile image

      fefe 7 years ago

      this made things so clear to me. i understand weightloss so much better now and especially in comparison to heavier others who are losing weight much faster than me. great article.

    • profile image

      mixx@1000 calorie diet 8 years ago

      we can burn lot of calorie ... if we love exercise... i 'm jogging about 5 km. a day and go fitness 3 day/week.... and choose healthy meal...thanks so much

    • profile image

      Eat Smart Age Smart 8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the information. Excellent article. Keep up your good work