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How To Burn Calories And Lose Weight — 7 Different Activities

Updated on July 16, 2014

Go Burn It


First of all, I would like to tell that I am writing the topic burning calories with the state of mind that I am going to talk about those activities where we can burn calories in enormous quantity and how it makes one to stay slim if few points are properly weighed and taken care of along with burning calories, which I would further elaborate in below and the main purpose of writing this. So, it is all about how to burn calories and stay slim.

First all never starve yourself or go on a fad diet or any kind of dieting. Our body is a supercomputer and when we starve ourselves, our body thinks that there is feminine, it slows the metabolic rate and starts storing fat. So, Never Starve Yourself Or Go On A Diet. Eat multiple meals in small portions of good nutritional value and minimal carbohydrates. This is the mantra to accelerate your metabolic rate and stay slim.

Also green tea is very good in increasing the metabolic rate of our body. Also it is full of antioxidants. So you can kill two sparrows with a stone. So go green. Drink green tea whenever you have an urge to drink tea, coffee, or any drink. Slowly, it will become a habit and help you lose weight.

Now see, every kind of activity either it is typing, sitting, standing, eating and even thinking requires some amounts of energy and we burn calories to meet that demand of energy. So knowing or unknowingly, we are always burning calories, but the quantity differs.

In a more simplified way:

1. There are different types of functions we do in a day.

2. Body requires energy to do those functions, which we get through our food.

3. Different types of food give our body different amount of energy.

4. Different types of functions require different amount of energy.

5. More intense functions need more energy and we are burning more calories to meet that demand.

So, this is the balance between how much energy we need and how much we eat, and if we burn more calories than we eat, we lose fat and stay slim. Otherwise, we gain weight.

If we eat more and function less, extra food or energy is stored in the form of fat in our body.

But we cannot or should not excessively control our hunger or urge to eat. Food is one of the finest thing, we human beings enjoy. So, enjoy your food but burn the extra calories to stay slim. This is the simplest answer of how to stay slim.

So, the main point is enjoy your food but know how to burn calories instead of storing them. Even if you have already stored them, there are below-mentioned different ways to burn calories. What I personally prefers are categorized serially.

How To Burn Calories And Lose Weight — 7 Different Activities

I am enlisting the different sets of exercise you can do interchangeably and stay fit:

1. Aerobic exercise — Everytime I do this I feel elated as I love doing rhythmic exercises instead of daily boring monotonous weightlifting. There are so many different forms of aerobic dancing try any and burn calories and start your day with a great note.

2. Walking — It is one of the easiest and finest to start with burning calories. For walking, we neither need any kind of special shoes, special time, or a special place. All we need to is a will to walk. It is the best way to stay fit and healthy. Just get up and walk but walk regularly. If you need result with any kind of exercise, do it regularly imbedding it in your lifestyle and make your lifestyle healthy.

3. Outdoor Sports — Any kind of outdoor sports burn calories. Sow whichever interests you, either it is badminton, lawn tennis, soccer, football, basketball, or any other form of sport, just enjoy your sports daily and make it an enjoyable way to lose fat and stay slim.

4. Rowing — It is one the most strenuous and one of the best ways to burn calories. It not only burn calories but make our back abdomen, shoulder, and arms stronger. It uses lots of muscles of our body and in the process makes them stronger.

5. Skiing — Skiing not only helps in burning calories but it is a great fun sport. Also, the most important thing is try to ski cross country rather than downhill, because it requires more energy and we burn more calories.

6. Cycling — It is one of the age-old modest way of transportation but now we have realized the it is also answer to the questions how to lose fat fast and how to stay slim. It is also a great cardiovascular exercise. It not only burn calories but keep our heart and lungs healthy. Also, it is a nonweightbearing exercise and strengthens our legs and knees greatly. So, those who bicycle religiously, it will definitely help them to stay slim.

7. Jogging — For me, a jog a day keeps the doctor away, but try to do it in the morning. Not only we burn calories, lose fat and stay slim, but we enter lots of fresh air or oxygen in our lungs. We make our heart and lungs healthy as well as we feel positive when we jog in the morning. Long-term jogging, not only make us appear better from outside, it make us positive, calm, composed, and concentrated in our life.

I wish you liked the different ways to burn calories in this article How To Burn Calories And Lose Weight — 7 Different Activities


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    • pinto2011 profile image

      Subhas 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks for the remarks you ushered on me.

    • profile image

      ignugent17 3 years ago

      I think I can do walking. Thank you for your information.

      Have a fit day!

    • pinto2011 profile image

      Subhas 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks for your lovely comment and letting me know that you too love it.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      I have recently taken up walking again and have noticed that indeed it does help. Your list is a good one.