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How To Burn Fat Faster - Top Tip To Lose Those Pounds Quicker

Updated on April 16, 2014

Have you been searching online for tips on how to burn fat faster? If so, this article will give you an excellent tip to boost your fat loss efforts. Are you stuck on a weight loss plateau? Or do you maybe just want to achieve your goal a little quicker? Good, because now I will show you how.

There is one technique on how to burn fat faster that is not really written that much about compared to all the others. Personally I feel because we live such hectic and busy lives these days that I’m sure its the time factor involved that gets it less press attention.

I have used this way of working out many times over the decades, usually when I’m looking to get into peak condition (for a beach holiday) or other times when there is a busy social eating and drinking season approaching (Xmas and New Year). The technique in question is this: Exercise twice every day.

Why would you want to exercise twice every day? I will cover 2 benefits in this article though there are several more if you wish to do more research.

Fat Burning Benefit #1) It seems obvious but yes it applies here. When you work out 2 times a day you are burning up even more calories and that equals faster fat loss. Let’s just say during your cardio training session you use up 200 calories and then times that by 6 days (good to have a rest day for recuperation) that’s an extra 1200 calories burned in 1 week and almost 5000 in 1 month, above and beyond what you are doing now.

Now regardless of which fat loss program you on there is one law to fat loss that will ALWAYS apply. Burn more calories than you eat/drink and you will lose weight, it’s as simple as that really.

Fat Burning Benefit #2) Each time you exercise your metabolism is boosted/goes faster = burning of calories. Depending on how you train it will also stay speeded up for hours after. Now if you train early morning then by the afternoon/evening your metabolism has settled down again. Your 2nd workout of the day in the evening turbo charges it again into fat burning mode and for hours afterwards again. This is a total win-win situation and yields amazing results.

Extra Fat Burning Benefit) If you have hit a weight loss plateau then one of the best ways to overcome this is to do 2 workouts a day. Sometimes your body just needs to be shocked or have a positive change in routine to put you back on track.

How To Burn Fat Faster Conclusion

There are millions of people who would love to work out for longer let’s say in the morning before work but due to other commitments (family etc) just do not have the time. So by adding in a 2nd session later in the day/evening you can achieve your goals easier and quicker. Especially the busy Mums who may want to do an evening workout at home to a DVD when the kids have gone to bed.

One word of caution. This is not an excuse to eat an extra 2 chocolate bars a day! It is a technique to be used in conjunction with a healthy eating and disciplined fat loss program.

Put this “how to burn fat faster” technique plan into action and please leave me a comment on your results.

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