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How To Choose A Diet Plan

Updated on May 25, 2012

There's got to be a million weight loss plans. So how do you know which ones work and which ones will work for you? I asked that question myself and starting doing research on the different weight loss plans out there. But soon, I got fed up reading about all these so-called experts touting their miracle solutions for weight loss. I must have read over 20 weight loss plans before I decided to compile my research and put it out there so others don't have to waste their time searching for a honest, realistic weight loss plan.

Categorizing the Diet and Weight Loss Plans What I discovered is, there are a couple different approaches to weight loss. One group focuses on changing your eating habits to lose weight. The idea is to eat foods that raise your body's metabolism to speed up and burn fat. According to scientists this is true in theory.

There are differences to each plan in this category. Some include exercise, some recommend drinking a lot of water, others suggest you take a day off from your diet every few days.

The second group of weight loss plans focus on pure exercise to lose weight. Some add healthy meal and diet suggestions as a "bonus". These plans appear to be targeted toward the alpha male looking to get "ripped". So if you're not into exercise, skip these plans.

Then there are the weight loss products that focus on removing the mental blocks that prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals. This group is more like a self-help ebook that can really help your mental outlook on life in general. Other diet plans focus on hypnosis to achieve your weight loss goals.

What To Look For In A Diet or Weight Loss Plan After reviewing my first twenty weight loss products, I realized there were a few factors to consider. Here's how I broke it down:

The Author and His/Her Experience in Health and Nutrition I think it is very important to know who authored the weight loss plan and what is his/her credentials. Believe it or not I found more than one weight loss plan that had no author. The author of one particular plan preference to remain anonymous - I wonder why? But there is one weight loss plan that sticks in my mind. I searched everywhere for the author, I mean, I spent hours looking, but I could not find a thing. I finally sent an email to the website, asking who the author was. The response I got, and this is the truth, is: "A nutritionist" - an unbelievable answer.

How Safe Is the Diet Plan? Another very important factor is if it is a safe weight loss plan? This would be critical to those who suffer from health problems, such as diabetes.

How Long Has The Plan Been Around? Another thing I looked for was how long the plan has been around.

Price How much does it cost? Be careful, many of the plans tout free bonuses. The reason you want to buy the product is because it works.

eBook, Audio eBook, Video You may have a preference to one of these medias. It's good to know if it is a weight loss eBook, weight loss video or weight loss audio, or a combination of the three.

Testimonials Finally, the most important factor in my decision, was testimonials from satisfied consumers. Believe me, this was the hardest thing to verify. I actually contacted individuals directly so I could be certain they weren't making this stuff up.

So, if you're looking for an easy way to compare weight loss products. One that provide an unbiased recommendation, here are the results of my research. I continue to update the site to reflect new products.

Good luck!


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