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How To Choose A Foot Massager That Is Right For You

Updated on June 3, 2014

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A Foot Massager to Cure Aching Feet

If you do a fair amount of walking throughout the day, whether by choice or by necessity due to your job, you probably encounter foot pain more than you would like. Depending on the types of shoes you often find yourself wearing, your feet might not be getting adequate support to function properly. There are numerous remedies people use to combat foot pain, from conducting a foot bath with salt crystals to doing a hand massage. However, these techniques have become dated and may not provide sufficient relief in the large majority of cases.

If there is one device that can tackle even the most frequent cases of foot pain, it is a foot massager. Foot massagers operate on the same principle as other devices like massaging mats and pillows. Instead of producing vibrations that barely induce any stimulation into the area, foot massagers induce shiatsu-type action through their rotating and rolling heads. This stimulation not only helps dwindle inflammation, but also loosens the muscles and ligaments for truly comprehensive relief.

Many people have debated purchasing handheld massager as opposed to a foot massager in the name of versatility, especially if they suffer from soreness in other areas. While this is understandable, you need to realize that you will have to assume uncomfortable postures in order to gain access to your feet. The massager may need to be outfitted with special accessories to help concentrate the massaging action in the appropriate areas. Furthermore, you will only be able to treat one foot at a time which can make the task even more laborious.

The cost of most foot massagers tends to be well within reach for most people. There are a few variants of these devices that can run you a little extra, such as a foot massaging ottoman. These actually feature supports for your legs so that massaging action can be delivered without you having to be seated upright. Most people will find that the models intended for standing on are perfectly suitable.

It is strongly suggested that you make a list of the features you desire in such a device to make shopping for one less hassle prone. Consider where you want the control panel to be located (on the unit or some handheld controller), what type of massaging motion you want (kneading or vibrating) and finally whether you wish to store the unit away when not in use. You should be able to find a perfect match for under $100, especially if you shop online. Always welcome input from friends and family members who already own foot massagers to get a better idea of whether a particular model might be too harsh or bulky for your tastes or just right.

Treating Athletic Foot Pain with Massagers

Many people have taken on jogging as a relaxing and healthy activity to pursue after a stressful day at work. When paired with a healthy diet and stimulation of other muscle groups, jogging can leave you in great shape. However, as some have found, we still have a ways to go in perfecting running shoes and such to provide adequate support to our feet. Furthermore, some people just don’t know their limits and continue to push onward until they succumb to an injury.

The traditional methodology of treating muscle aches after athletic activity called for the use of ample amounts of ice and some stretching. However, the use of such remedies has slowly dwindled as foot massagers have become more mainstream. If you have found yourself battling foot pain on a more frequent basis, a little online window shopping will quickly indicate that you have many types of foot massagers to choose from. There are those that vibrate, others that are designed to give you a spa experience, handheld units like the Hitachi magic wand massager and so on and so forth. If you jump into the process with some clear cut objectives, you shouldn't have no trouble finding a quality unit within a reasonable budget.

If you want intense stimulation, you want a shiatsu foot massager. These don’t stimulate your feet with some barely noticeable vibrations that seem to tickle you more than anything. A shiatsu foot massager features rotating massaging heads that actually knead your muscles. You can adjust the intensity of the massage by increasing the pressure between the unit and your feet. For maximum effect, you should stand on these devices. If you desire a more low key massage, you might be better off with a unit that makes use of less shiatsu heads. Furthermore, the more speed control settings you get the better.

A casual massaging of the feat can also be easily accomplished with a handheld massager for those more budget-oriented consumers. A wired unit is strongly recommended as cordless models can be spotty in terms of battery life and power output. A handheld massager often has many of the same features as a foot massager, including variable speed control as well as temperature settings. You can even cheaply retrofit your handheld massager with accessories to extend its massaging power in certain applications.

You really won’t be able to make a solid decision without giving these competing alternatives a try. Either is a solid bet depending on how much you’re willing to spend, the potency of massage you expect and finally the amount of sacrifice your willing to make in terms of having to self-operate the handheld unit.

Shopping for a Shiatsu Foot Massager

If you lead an active lifestyle that incorporates running or jogging, you may experience some foot pain from time to time. Some jobs leave you with little choice but to constantly move about the office. Regardless of the source of your foot pain, treatment at a foot spa is not for everyone. For one, the cost may far overreach any budget you had in mind. Furthermore, the environment is not for everyone, especially when these places tend to attract female clientele.

Fortunately, you can purchase a shiatsu foot massager for treatment within the comfort of your home. These massagers are designed to operate off the floor. You simply place your feet flat against the rotating shiatsu heads and turn the unit on for some relaxing massage therapy. The massaging heads are typically studded with smaller beads for maximum stimulation. It doesn’t hurt that many of these units also have a built-in heating function that also effectively soothes overworked muscles. You will never have to buy accessories for additional functionality (as is common with handheld massagers) as these devices already come packed to the brim with special features.

Shopping for a shiatsu foot massager is not the straightforward process it’s made out to be. Handheld units can be easily controlled from a console at the center of the device. However, when it comes to a foot massager, do you really want the controls situated on the device itself? Some manufacturers market their products as having a foot control, in reality this is a sad excuse for not having a handheld controller of some sort.

Furthermore, since many of these devices have as many as six shiatsu heads, they can make much more noise than you would ever expect from a handheld device. Hence, you need to verify that the noise output is not bothersome by either testing prospective units out yourself or asking friends for some input.

Massage intensity is always a touchy subject as it is very relative. One person may find a particular foot massager to be unsatisfactory in the amount of stimulation in produces, while another might consider it to be too aggressive. Do yourself a favor and invest in a model that has multiple speed settings to choose from. This can be especially useful if you have multiple people in the household who will be using the device. There may even be some aftermarket speed controllers for you to use if you can’t find one with the feature.

What to Look For in a Foot Massager

Many fields require that employees be up on their feet for hours at a time. Take nursing for instance, where nurses are constantly up on their feet delivering medications to patients and attending to other needs. Eight hours worth of shuffling around the workplace with little break time in between can have your feet on the verge of death.

The popularity of massaging products has become more pronounced in recent years and in response to the demand manufacturers have continued to unleash a slew of high quality products for consumption. What started as a craze for handheld massagers has expanded into back, neck and shoulder massagers as well. If there’s one product that’s hot right now, its foot massagers.

These massagers rely on the same mechanism as devices intended to treat other areas of the body. Massaging heads that are hidden under the soft exterior of foot massagers can vibrate, rotate and conduct a variety of other motions for quick pain relief. All that’s there for you to do is place your feet in an ottoman or some other support structure and push a button for the massaging action to begin. There are no extra accessories to buy that some handheld massagers require to effectively treat foot pain.

It may take some trial and error before you find a foot massager that’s to your liking. Some have limited massage functions that you may find are too aggressive or perhaps not aggressive enough. Build quality is very important with these units as your feet are rigid and can cause some damage when enough pressure is exerted against them. Furthermore, don’t rely on the manufacturers’ promises that a unit is whisper quiet. Give it a whirl at a local retailer to see whether it lives up to the hype. Some of these foot massagers make enough noise to disturb others in the household.

If you are intending to keep the unit out when it’s not in use, consider getting one that has some aesthetic appeal to it. If space is limited in your home, you should consider a handheld massager as a viable alternative. Percussion handheld massagers are capable machines that feature multiple speed settings and extras like heat generation. They can not only be used on your feet, but also your back, shoulders and neck. If you have someone else in the home that suffers from muscle soreness, they can benefit from the device as well. The best part to these handheld massagers is that they can be stored out of sights way very easily. You can even get one of the cordless models for treatment on the go.

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