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How To Choose Toothbrush

Updated on April 15, 2012
How to select toothbrush
How to select toothbrush

They say never choose a toothpaste but choose toothbrush carefully. Well, I have always used the best tooth paste in the market but never bothered about choosing good toothbrush. After having six tooth-filling and 2 root canals, I have learned the meaning of this old saying harder way.

So how do we choose the best tooth brush when there are thousand of brand out there in the market. Here are some of the tips for your help which I have learned during my at least fifty visits to dentist and from several other sources.

1. Always select soft nylon bristles:

Bristles are the most important part of the brush. Always choose a brush with soft nylon bristles. They will be soft on your teeth and gums even if you brush for long time or hard. They also long last although it is recommended to change your brush every six months even if seems OK.

2. Choose a brush with small head:

Always choose a brush with small head. It will help you to brush part of your mouth which are remote and not easily accessible. In 99 percent of the case, germs attack your teeth which are away from the reach of your brush. It also very easy and comfortable to brush with a small brush heads as they are soft on your cheeks inner skin.

3. Choose a long handle:

Always choose a brush with long handle as as its comfortable to brush with them. They also increase your accessibility.

4. Always change your brush in 6 months:

make it a habit of changing your toothbrush after every 6 months. You should change it even if it seems to fine and you cannot see any sign of degradation in your tooth brush. Reason behind this is that bristles of you tooth brush will become harder with time. You will not come to know about this as this change will be gradual and you will get used to it.

5. Always buy a separate tongue cleaner:

It is better to buy a separate tongue cleaner rather than using the back of your tooth brush to clean your teeth. Cleaning your tongue properly is also a part of complete mouth cleaning,

Now some tips for brushing style:

  1. Don't brush harder as this will have a negative impact on your gums. Always brush with soft hands.
  2. Dont brush for too long as again this will negatively impact your teeth and gums. Optimal time for brushing is 10-12 minutes.
  3. Always move your brush round on your teeth from gums towards tip of teeth.
  4. Cover all parts of your mouth. give special attention to back of your teeth and inner parts as these are the place most vulnerable to germs attack.
  5. Have a good gargle after cleaning and use lots of water.
  6. Which gargling, use your index finder to slightly massage your gums for one minute.

Its not difficult to pay attention to these suggestion while brushing your teeth and it will save you all the pain and money.


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