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How To Choose Your Baby's Gender For New Parents

Updated on May 14, 2010

Can You Really Choose Your Baby's Gender ?

 The answer is yes.

You can choose your baby's gender before conception and although it may not be 100% guarantee that you will be able to select the baby of your choice, it has proven again and again that it works most of the time.

 Why is this so ?

Well, this is because, the gender of your baby is revolved around the Y and the X choromosome and you can actually regulate your body to suit the environment most suitable for the type of choromosome you want to fertilize, thus, giving you the baby of your choice.

In order to understand how this works, we have to look at the characteristics of the different choromosome, after at which everything will be as clear as crystal.

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The Difference Of The Y and X Choromosome

Let us first look at the Y choromosome, which is responsible for producing a baby boy.

Strength: Light, Fast swimmers  

Weakness: Less durable, thus, easily broken down and dies off.

The X choromosome, which is responsible for producing a baby girl, is exactly the opposite.

Strength: Durable, can stay up to 3 days in the female boy.

Weakness: Heavy and slow swimmers

Now that we have the basics covered, everything is alot easier.

In order to conceive a baby, the sperm needs to reach the egg. Based on the charateristics of the 2 choromosome, we can actually regulate our body to "give advantage" to either the X or the Y choromosome, thus, selecting the baby of our choice. 


How To Choose Your Baby's Gender ?

If you want a baby boy, you have to give head start to the Y choromosome.

Since they are clearly better swimmers, you can increase your chance to conceive a baby boy simply by changing the position during your intercourse.

In other words, you are actually bringing the sperm closer to the egg. This has 3 advantages. First, as the faster swimmer, second, they have less "distance" to cover and third, since they are less durable, this "lesser distance" also means more surviving choromosome to fertilize the egg.

If you want a baby girl, time and plan your ovulation dates. Clearly, since the Y choromosome usually don't last more than 24 hrs in the body, and the X choromosome can last up to 3 days, you can actually choose to "do it" earlier, so that only the X choromosome stays to fertilize the egg and thus, you will have a baby girl.

The most important thing however, is that these little steps to take are completely natural, safe and doesn't require any prescription or drugs to alter your health.

To put everything is perspective, you can actually choose your baby's gender using 3 simple steps, learning how to plan and calculate your ovulation period, know what positions is best during the intercourse and knowing what diet to take.

Start Planning Your Baby's Gender Here


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