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How To Choose a Pillow for Sleeping?

Updated on March 16, 2015

Best Pillows for sleeping

People really hate it when after a stressful and tiring day of work, they can’t get the quality of sleep they want. A lot of factors can be involved in a poor night's sleep, but sometimes it's not that complex. It might be that merely changing your pillow can do you a world of good and improve your sleep without any pharmacological intervention.

Right choice of pillow plays a crucial part in allowing you to have sound sleep. It is an undeniable fact that wrong choice of pillows and sub-quality pillows can result in neck and backache plus other related medical problems. The most appropriate selection of pillows as per your sleeping style can make your mind and body both healthy and relaxed. Right pillow helps in keeping the posture of the body correct while you are asleep.


Choosing Right Pillow For You:

It is very important to choose pillows according to your sleep position, for example if you:

  1. If you habitually sleep on your spine then you must look for a pillow that can put your neck to rest. Hard, broad, stiffly stuffed pillows are not suitable for those who sleep on their back as these pillows shove the head too far up resulting in neck pain. Light and soft pillows are too of no help because they are not really supportive. Hence the best pillow for back sleepers is a medium firmness support pillow which will hold your neck. A pillow with a solid latex rim or head-cradling form can keep your noggin in as much as neutral and comfortable position.
  2. In case you sleep on your belly then you need to have a very light, cozy, thin, soft and comfortable pillow. The stomach sleepers need not to have their head elevated too much. The best choice for stomach sleepers is a soft, low pillow free of allergens, since you have your face buried right into it. It's also beneficial to have a pillow that wicks away moisture.
  3. It is very necessary to keep a check on the factor that spine maintains a straight position. If you are sleeping in right lateral or left lateral position, then you should have a pillow that supports your neck and head in such a manner that it does not distort the spine. The position on spine should remain naturally horizontal so that the pressure is naturally distributed. To uphold this posture the best pillow remains one with an indent so it provides firm support at the neck. A body pillow can also be your best option for side-sleepers.


Best Pillows for You If You Are Suffering From Neck Pain

If you find it difficult to sleep because of your neck pain here are the suggested pillows for you. These pillows not only reduce the pain but also provide your body with the best possible posture which helps in getting rid of the neck pain for once and forever.

Aqua lovers:

The purchase you can make is of Mediflow® Waterbase® pillow if you are suffering from neck pain. This is one pillow that could be adjusted in accordance with your need. If you need firm, strong support you can fill this pillow with more water. If you desire for a softer pillow with soothing affect you can reduce the level of water in the pillow. In any case you are guaranteed with comfort and satisfaction. It is one pillow that is adjustable to your definition of perfect firmness in harmony with the shape of your neck.

There are many people who are really choosy about the type of pillow they want because not all pillows work very well for everyone. Acknowledging the fact that everyone has their particular taste and preference for pillow types, here are some suggested best to sleep pillows belonging to various categories.

Fluff lovers:

It is very essential to check if the pillow provides firm support and stability to your head, neck and spine if you are willing to go for a fluffy and light pillow. Fluffy and light pillows seems to be quite comfy and relaxing but only when they are selected wisely. The texture of the pillow, its grip and firmness matters the most. Failure in choosing the right pillow will result in neck and backache.

The best pillow for light and fluffy pillow lovers is “The Cloud Pillow by Natura”. This pillow offers a unique wool fill that assists in regulating the temperature of that side of the pillows which is in contact with your skin, keeping it safe and healthy. This pillow has a wonderful texture and firmness which guarantee a good night sleep.

Such a pillow makes you feel fresh when you wake up in the morning and eliminates the risk of getting allergies.

Silk lovers:

Sliky, Smooth and Soft Pillow seekers should have this in mind that their pillow should provide you with gentle support. This type of pillow should have sufficient cushion support in it to fulfill the purpose of relaxing the pressure points and ultimately reducing stress and putting the body at ease.

“The Natura Luscious pillow” is such a pillow which has the perfect combination of foaminess and silkiness, leaving it foamy yet silky, permitting you to have sound sleep with your favorite type of pillow.

Greenhouse ideology followers:

If you are an environment friendly person and are looking for a pillow which follows the same philosophy and also offers the level of firmness you desire, the best pillow for you is indeed “The OMI 100% Certified Organic Pillow”. It is made of pure 100% sanitized organic cotton certified by the authorities.


Posture Pillows

For those of you who are interested inbody pillows then you need to try The Tempur-Pedic’s line of pillows. This line has many body pillow options which present pressure-reducing appease of TEMPUR® texture in a conventional body pillow style. Body pillows are a great option to have comfort at night and to have a deep, sound, and calm sleep.

Hopefully this article may facilitate you in selecting the best pillow for yourself

Padbury Chiropractor How To Choose The Best Pillow


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    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 5 years ago

      Thank you so much, Lindacee; that's the thing about pillows, there's always going to be a new one on the horizon. Glad you found the info you need here to make your next selection! Thanks for stopping by!

    • lindacee profile image

      lindacee 5 years ago from Arizona

      What a great Hub full of wonderful tips! I wish I had read this one sooner. A couple of weeks ago I purchased 2 new bed pillows -- so far they are working out. But if not, I will be referring back to your suggestions before investing in new ones. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.