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How To Conquer Your Smoking History

Updated on August 22, 2010

How To Conquer Your Smoking History

 If you have a smoking history and you have decided that you want to quit, you do need to realize that this is going to be quite the challenge.  Some people seem to take it pretty easy when they go to quit smoking and it does not seem to be hard for them at all.  There are some people who have the strength and willpower to just quit whenever they want but this is not always the case.  If you have a long smoking history you are probably going to find it so much harder to quit because you have been doing it for so long.

 If you are a regular smoker you are probably going to have a pretty tough time quitting.  Your body has gotten used to having the nicotine and if you miss a smoke here or there you will feel the cravings that you start to get.  For the most part, the longer a person has been smoking the longer it will take them to get over the habit.  Now if you have decided you do want to quit, the best method of quitting you can choose is cold turkey.

 Going cold turkey is the best way you can do it because statistics prove that people who quit cold turkey are less likely to start up smoking again afterwards.  You do not have to feel bad if you want to skip the cold turkey idea and get some help with kicking the habit.  You could sign up with a support group for one thing where you will have the chance to meet other people going through the same thing as you.  When you have people around you to talk to and who are going through a struggle just like yours, it makes it a lot easier to cope and stick to it.

 You will always have support when you need it and people to fall back on and give you that push when you are trying to ignore your cravings.  A lot of people go through therapy sessions when they want to quit smoking.  If you need a bit of a crutch to help you out in your quest, there are some very effective stop smoking aids that can be your best friend here.  These methods both help you quit smoking by slowly decreasing the amount of nicotine that is given to your body each day.


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