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How To Control Belly Fat

Updated on June 10, 2015


Belly fat is also known as visceral fat (scientifically known as triglyceride), which is very dangerous for our body. Fat cells are present in our body in which fat is stored. Fat is deposited as a layer under the skin or around the certain organs, fat is also stored in the liver which harms liver and invite the diseases.

Body contains three types of fat:-

1. Triglycerides- such types of fat circulate in our body stream and makes about 95% fat of the body.

2. Subcutaneous Fat- Such types of fats are collected below the skin. It is an outer layer or wall of belly.

3. Visceral Fat- such types of fat is located deep within the belly.

Obesity is caused by excessive eating of foods and lack of exercise due to which more and more fat is collected within the body and belly bulges out.

Obesity depends on the number of fat cells and size of fat cells. Obesity invites several types of diseases which can't be seen but can be realized.

Mainly people are pestered just due to abdominal obesity, in which fast is distributed over the abdomen and back, people may also become fat due to some internal diseases and not due to eating heavy or over eating.

There are many types of tummy depending upon the storing of fat within the body.

1. Spare tire

2. Stress

3. Pooch

4. Mommy

5. Bloated

How to control?

It is very necessary to control or reduce the belly fat which is regularly getting stored within the body by relinquishing some foods and drinks which are-

1. Junk Food- It plays an important role in increasing belly and altering the shape of our body, I don’t prefer it at all. More over Junk food also risks our heart.

2. Beverages- Due to presence of sugar and other components these drinks readily harm our body and cause disease such as Type-2 diabetes etc.

3. Oily Foods- In this, the quantity of fat is very high so I don't prefer it at any cost because it increases obesity and concentration of oil in our body leading to skin problems such as pimples etc.

I advise to consume light, non-oily foods so that body will remain in the fit manner. To protect our body from dangerous diseases such as Type-2 diabetes, insulin resistance and cancer, take food in a little quantity but frequently. You can take food in a time interval of every 2-3 hour so that our body will be able to digest all the fat which we consumed.

Some juices are also very indispensable for body such as bitter guard juice, spinach juice, sugar beet juice. These will make our digestive system strong to digest fat. Tomato soup, Green tea or lemon tea can also be taken because these make our body slim and melt the deposited fat.

At least 6 Liter of water should be taken every day so that body will be hydrated. Due to some internal secretion enzyme such as Cushing syndrome hypothyroidism body also become fat and may cause heart attack. Exercise is also one of the best helper to control or reduce belly fat. After taking meal walk at least 10 minutes so that fat will not be deposited within the body.

Men's abdomen should not be more than 40 inch (or 102cm) and women's abdomen should also be not greater than 35 inch (88cm). If limit exceeds than it means that it is dangerous for the body.

For those people who are very fat I suggest them to ignore such things in which fat is present even in small amount because if they consume more fat then their body will not leave fat but will try to store more and more fat. You should be cautious about your health which is continuously altering the shape of the body.

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Loose Belly Fat Naturally

Eat well and think well and lead a happy life. I realized that heart attack comes only to those who are fat not too thin. Due to which person may die, all those foods, Juices are really very helpful in controlling belly fat. Our body becomes lazy, unable to do work because fat dominate on us. So we will have to be serious about this. It will be good to remove artificially looking something on our body to feel pleasure in life because life never comes again.


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